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Written By Rosie Murphy - August 22 2016


August 23 2016

Hi, I’m an avid climber and hiker that has been looking to purchase a Tentsile Tree Tent from your site, unfortunately the wait period is 4 weeks so I was going to wait until next spring. Anyways my mother surprised me today saying she bought one on eBay for my birthday so I’ll be able to spice up the rest of my summer camping. I of course was obviously excited until I seen the ad as well as others on eBay because while the description says it’s a Tentsile Connect tree tent and has the same wording as the Tentsile website does and has the same pictures I have seen from other sites showing real Tentsile tents. The specs however give it away immediately, such as maximum load for these fake eBay tents are 200kg, whereas it should be 400kg. The floor on these fake eBay tents are: Light gray 40D polyester, reinforced with 12m of 25mm webbing, whereas it should be : 240D Inclined joint nylon-polyester composite fabric (green) reinforced with 15 metres of seat belt. Fake Tentsile tree tents are showing up on Alibaba as well now.

These differences could injure or even kill someone if they used these fake tree tents past half the allowed load of a Tentsile Tree Tent.

Buyer be extremely aware!!

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