National Hammock Day: Top 3 Ways to Celebrate this Holiday in Style

With summer in full swing and leisure at the forefront of everyone’s minds, what better way to enjoy the sunshine than kicking back in a hammock? Portable, versatile and fun. This is the only piece of kit that can simultaneously evoke some serious holiday vibes, add some excitement to your backyard and be the perfect place for some mindfulness and meditation? Not to mention, they make for a far-comfier alternative to a desk. Something the Tentsile team know only too well.

Today is about kicking back, hanging out, and discovering how our hammock combinations can make this your best summer yet!

 1. Hang out for less with the UNA Tree Tent & T-Mini Hammock Deal

For a limited time only if you buy an UNA Tree Tent you’ll get a T-Mini hammock for half price! This combination of two of our most lightweight models mean that you and up to 2 friends can hang out for less with more freedom than ever before!

Perfect, whether you’re a solo camper looking for a bit more space, or even a small group of friends looking for new ways to chill out this season. The UNA & T-Mini Bundle is the ultimate set-up; ideal for fast, backpacking and hiking trips, heading out to the beach or hitting the festival scene this summer.

 2. Create an epic 4-6 person Tentsile Stack

Why not combine forces with friends or even family this summer to create an epic basecamp with our 2-3 person Tree Tent & Hammock bundles.

Create a tree fort right in your backyard that sleeps up to 6 people or hang out in an awesome foursome thanks to our 2-person Tree Tent and giant hammock packages. Everything you need for a fun-filled, relaxing camping experience comes included and is just a fraction of the price!

 4. Get all the Tribe in the trees with the Trillium XL

The largest and most hard-core hammock on the market. This model has enough is room to accommodate 6 lounging adults in pure comfort and then some! 

As you can see, there’s a hammock to suit every adventure this season and with the wealth of options out there, all that’s left to decide is where to go.

Happy hammocking Tentsile Tribe!


July 22, 2019 — Alex Shirley-Smith

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