Free Standing Hammock Stand

A free standing hammock gives you the opportunity to hang up your hammock anytime, anywhere, even without the presence of trees. Free standing hammocks are often regarded as essential for tree-less backyards, desert camping, meadow camping, and beachfront dwelling. So, let's talk about what these versatile hammocks are all about and when and where they are most useful.

Use a Free Standing Hammock in Your Backyard

Free Standing Hammock Stand

A free standing hammock is a great addition to any backyard. They’re great for a casual hang, sunbathing on a nice day, lounging with a good book, playing with the kids and much more. Setting up a free standing hammock for the family will present the household with a new gem that will be prized, fought over, and often visited.

Depending on the type of hammock experience you want, consider paying attention to where and what time the sun hits your yard throughout the day. Perhaps you want the shade during the day and some late sun as dusk comes on. Or perhaps you want the full sun throughout the day. Regardless—you can have any experience you want since free standing hammocks can be set up anywhere!

Tentsile’s Backyard Tree Tent and Hammock Stand

Tree Tent and Hammock Stand

Our Backyard Tree Tent and Hammock Stand is ideal for the backyard where you can create a portable, floating fun spot for the kids to play. Or you can set up a 3-person Trillium hammock and create a comfortable seating area to hang-out with friends, for kids and adults alike.

The stand has a lot of resilience. It is tough enough to be kept up year-round, yet versatile and convertible and can be packed away, stored, or moved with ease. Moreover, the stand features anti-corrosion aircraft aluminum, manufactured to a high standard. Plus, all of the fittings are made from stainless steel for maximum durability, and then black powder-coated for further protection.

Last but not least, we recommend sleeping on the hammock too. This may become your kids’ new favorite sleepover spot with their friends. It’s definitely comfortable enough to spend the night on, especially if you have our Sky-Pad Air Mattress. This mattress is a dual-chamber camping mat, which contains thermal insulation and a non-slip base for all night comfort.

Another good accessory to keep on hand, if you plan to sleep in a hammock, is some kind of good insect mesh. This tool will ensure you awake to the fresh air without those pesky, itchy bumps. Tentsile offers two different sizes to fit all of our hammocks and Tree Tents. The aptly named Small Double-Bubble Insect Mesh and the Large Double-Bubble Insect Mesh.

When and Where To Use Free Standing Hammocks

Free Standing Hammock for Backyard Camping

Hammock camping is becoming a more common pastime given the advancement of hammocks, their packability, easy setup and comfort. Many campers are choosing hammock camping over conventional tent camping these days. Some do it for the new experience, some do it to get better views from their sleeping bag, and some do it in the summer to combat overheating in a typical polyester tent. So, don’t let your ground tent restrict where you go camping. Run into a great campsite without trees? Want to do some desert camping in the heat of summer? What if it’s an open meadow or a bare lake’s edge? No problem. In any of these situations, just look to the free standing hammock!

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December 10, 2020 — Ryan W

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