UNA 1-Person Tree Tent (2.0)

$ 179.00 USD $ 250.00 USD

This lightweight 1-person tent comes with a built-in insect mesh and removable rainfly and is ideal for solo hiking, backpacking and bikepacking adventures.

Offer available in USA, EU and Canada only.

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  • Product Overview

    The Tentsile UNA is our 1-person Tree Tent. The tent comes with full insect protection and a removable rainfly in a choice of multiple colours.

    The ultra-light nature of this model offers you a whole new level of versatility, comfort and connection with the outdoors and is perfect for hikers and backpackers. You can carry less weight, walk further, and get the most comfortable night’s sleep outdoors imaginable.

    The UNA Tent is designed for anyone looking for adventure. We have taken the best aspects of our larger tents and squeezed them into a 1-person lightweight tent. From its reduced size ratchets to its single-pole construction.

    The UNA Tree Tent is perfectly designed to pack down into a small backpack.

    Its unique design allows you to camp like never before, amongst the trees. Sleeping clear of the ground means you are no longer restricted to camping on the flat.

    The UNA features a large hammock bed, with large pockets on each side, a full no-see-um insect mesh top, a fold-away door and a removable rainfly for unbeatable views.

    The rainfly can be pegged out to the ground, creating a large 2.2sqm / 25sqft covered are so you can store your gear beneath the tent.

    Please Note:

    • It is important for safety and to prevent falls, to tie a knot behind the WebLock after it is put under desired tension and before anyone gets in or uses the product!
    • It is recommended to retighten the WebLock (and then retie the knot behind the WebLock) before each use (climbing into the tent/ hammock) to ensure full tension, otherwise slippage may occur which could result in the product/tent loosing tension and falling that may result in damage to the product and risk of injury.
    • This Generation 2 product is now discontinued. All sales are final and guarantees or warranties no longer apply (unless structural damage).
  • Key Features
    • 10 minute set-up time
    • Ultra-lightweight, perfect for hiking
    • Tear-resistant insect mesh
    • Removable rainfly in a range of colours
    • 360-degree views without rainfly
    • Increased separation from insects & ground animals
    • No need for level ground. Avoid soggy camping – no risk of flooding or mud baths
  • Specifications & Sizing

    Size: 1.6 x 2.9 x 2.9m / 5.2 x 9.5 x 9.5ft

    Floor Area: 2.2sqm / 24sqft

    Dry Porch Area: 3sqm / 30sqft

    Head Height: 50cm / 1.7ft


    Setup Time: 10 minutes

    Max Capacity: 1 adult and gear

    Maximum Load: 150kg / 330lbs

    Packed Size: 45 x 15 x 15cm / 18 x 6 x 6in

    Weight: 3.2kg / 7lbs

    Doors: 1

    Seasons: 3


    Rainfly Material: 210T PU coated polyester

    Water Resistance: 3000hh

    Floor Material: 45D nylon-polyester composite- reinforced by 12m+ of seatbelt

    Fire Rating: USA CPAI-84


    Poles: 1 x 8.5mm diameter anodised aluminium alloy poles

    Ratchets: 1 x heavy duty, industry grade ratchet buckle with 1-ton minimum breaking strength

    Straps: 3 x 25mm polyester straps

    WebLock: 1 x high-grade almumium, non-slip strap adjuster 25mm

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