Small Double-Bubble Insect Mesh (3.0)

The double bubble keeps your Tentsile stack fully enclosed and insect-proof.

This full mesh, triple wall attaches to the upper and lower levels of your 2-person tree tent and hammock transforming it into an enclosed space, with both wind-breaking and insect protecting properties!

The simple clip-on system is modular and offers added protection to lower levels without restrictions on how many stories you can stack!

The Small Double-Bubble Insect Mesh is compatible with the following 3rd Generation products:

  • Flite 2-Person Hammock Tent
  • Connect 3-Person Tree Tent
  • Safari Connect 2-Person Tree Tent
  • T-Mini Double 2-Person Hammock

Size: 4 x 4 x 3.25m

Packed Size: 30 x 7 x 7cm

Head Height: 1.2m / 4ft

Weight: 0.65kg

Material: Tear-resistant no-see-um insect mesh

Product Setup