The Safari Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent is our most robust 3-person tent with an 8,000 HH waterproof rainfly and a tougher tent base. The Safari Stingray is built with reinforcing straps which not only strengthen the tent but create separate sleeping bays for each person, so you don't all roll to the middle.

Many of our customers love their Safari Stingray so much, they want to share the experience with a larger group of friends or family, so we introduced the idea of the Classic Stack. 

With the rainfly attached and pinned outward, you have large covered space underneath the tent to relax. However, if you want to make full use of this space and convert it into another sleeping or living area, then the Stingray Ground Camping Stack is a great solution.

The Stingray Ground Camping Stacks provides the ultimate tree tent camping experience with ample space for 6 people.

The ground stacks split your setup across 2 levels to give you more flexibility and doubling capacity from 3 adults to 6 adults; making camping with friends and family much easier.

Camping with the kids is no problem; simply give them a floor all to themselves.

The extra levels can serve as a living room or even as an additional storage area for your gear.

Stack Video