The Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent is our flagship model designed to sleep 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids. As with all our tents, it comes with anti-roll straps which creates separate sleeping bays for each person.

Many of our customers love their Stingray so much, they want to share the experience with a larger group of friends or family, so we introduced the idea of the Classic Stack. 

The Stingray Classic Camping Stack split your setup across 2 levels by adding a Trillium 3-Person Hammock and gives you even greater flexibility by increasing the capacity from 3 to 6 adults.

The hammock is attached to the Stingray above using a Double-Bubble Insect Mesh which creates a second enclosed space to sleep, relax or play in.

This stack is a great way to give your family or friends a really unique camping experience. Camping with the kids is no problem; simply give them a floor all to themselves.

If you just want some extra space, then the additional level can serve as a living room or even as an additional storage area for your gear.

Stack Video