The Stingray is our most popular 3-person tent and as with all our tents, is made with reinforcing straps along the edged and toward the middle of the tent, which not only strengthen the tent but create separate sleeping bays for each person, so you don't all roll to the middle. 

Using the Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent, a Trillium 3-Person Hammock and a Ground Conversion Kit, the Stingray Ultimate Camping stack offers the best tree tent camping experience you can find.

The Trillium hammock and ground conversion kit adds 2 levels below your Stingray, giving you much greater flexibility by tripling capacity and offering plenty of space for 9 adults (or 6 adults, 6 children) to sleep comfortably and separately. This increase makes the stack perfect for camping with family and larger groups. 

The 2 additional levels are enclosed by 2 x Double-Bubble Insec Meshes and the 2 included ladders make moving between levels easy. Camping with the kids is no problem; simply give them a floor all to themselves.

Alternatively. the extra levels can serve as a living room or even as an additional storage area for your gear.

Stack Video