Tentsile SheltaPod Bundle

Two of the World's Most Versatile Tents brought together with a huge saving!

No matter where you go on adventures, This is the bundle that will make your camping experience the most comfortable and fun.

SheltaPod will attached to almost any vehicle, creating a  versatile living space that has 4 modes of use, from rain shelter to fully functioning bedroom and everything in-between!

Included are 4 x 5 meter webbing straps for 'over the top' attachment and all tent poles, guy lines and tent pegs. All other attachment equipment is not included and must be purchased separately from your local caravan suppliers.

The Tentsile Stingray is a weather proof, insect proof, portable tree tent, able to be set up in 20 minutes to provide the most comfortable bedroom for up to 3 people, with plenty of protected area underneath. Perfect for the kids to hang out and spend the night under the stars!

Included, is everything you need to set up and make the ultimate treehouse camp, where ever you go! Rated for 400kg of load capacity, the Stingray is the strongest, highest quality Tree tent on the market, made and tested by the market inventors and leaders - Tentsile!

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