Pre-loved Stock Sale

You have stumbled across the Tentsile Demo Sale; lucky you!

We have a few pre-loved items laying around the office in need of a new home. We like to be environmentally conscious wherever we can, and never let a good tent become landfill. 

Please keep in mind when purchasing these Tree Tents, rain flies and roof kits, that colour choices are not an option - what we have is what you get! Feel free to note your preference in the order notes or check availability with our Live Chat team; we will do our best to oblige, but no promises can be made.

A friendly disclaimer... All items are USED, all sales are final and no warranties or returns will be accepted.


Here is a breakdown of our demo grading scale:

G1 - Lightly used, but like new. 

G2 - Used, previously repaired, could be slightly dirty and may smell like the great outdoors.

G3 - Well used, previously repaired, most likely dirty and will smell like the great outdoors. It could also be an older model.