These extender straps are perfect if your 3 anchors are further apart than the standard straps allow and you need a little extra distance.

Each order contains 3 straps.

WebLock Straps (18mm) are suitable for:

  • WebLock & UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent

Small Straps (26mm) are suitable for:

  • T-Mini 2-Person Hammock
  • Flite 2-Person Hammock Tent

Standard Straps (35mm) are suitable for::

  • Connect 2-Person Tree Tent
  • Safari Connect 2-Person Tree Tent
  • Stealth 3-Person 2-in-1 Tree Tent
  • Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent
  • Safari Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent
  • Safari Vista 3-Person 3-in-1 Tree Tent

Large Straps (50mm) are suitable for:

  • Trillium XL 6-Person Hammock
  • Safari Trillium XL 6-Person Hammock
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