Please email us, so we can best service your needs.: USA customers  and EU, UK and Canadian customers

You can also check out our Facebook Community Page where other users are selling their older units.

Our Trade-In and Pre-Loved programs aim to minimise waste by giving our products a new lease of life with new customers that want to get a Tentsile at a special discount. All pre-loved products go through safety checks and repairs are made where required. All products are then graded based on their condition and a buy-back amount will be offered in Tentsile Vouchers, so you can put this towards a new unit!

 Our Grading Scale:

  • G1: Lightly used, may have scuff marks & or minor repairs, but otherwise like new.
  • G2: Used and previously repaired, likely to have scuff /dirt marks. It could be an older model.
  • G3: Well used, heavily repaired, most likely dirty. It could also be an older model.

Please be aware, all pre-loved sales are final and no warranties or returns are accepted.