Another wonderful camping experience from one of our customers:

"Testing out our T-Mini Hammock at about 5 feet, and our Tentsile Connect at about 10 feet up for May Long Weekend on a friend's private land next to the river. In the morning we’d wake up to the river flowing passed us, and behind us, at night the Aurora Borealis made a few appearances.

Quite the sights! We slept in it for 4 nights, and each night was exceptionally comfortable. I’m 6ft 1in and the connect fit me very well, even sitting upright the height was good; I wasn’t hitting my head on the roof or even close!

Definitely a good idea to put a cotton blanket [nothing like older sleeping bags with the shiny nylon/polyester surface – it sucks up cold fast] or sleeping bag [or a mat] under your back to help insulate (our May Long was hit by rain on the first day [completely try interior] and hail a few hours later) against the cold during a brisk spring morning but in summer I won’t even bother. It was really windy the first day but inside the tent it stayed warm.

I’m prone to pain in my knees and hips while sleeping in a tent with a good mat and sleeping in the Connect was ridiculously comfortable. Can’t wait to go again!".

Michael Parker