We’re celebrating 10 wonderful years of Tentsile! And what an incredible adventure it has been. We could not be prouder of what we’ve achieved this past decade. From our first gigantic prototype, hand stitched in our Founder’s living room, to the entire range of suspended Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks we have now - we’ve come very a long way!

We’ve won countless design awards, had our gear approved by the biggest publishers in the Outdoors Industry, received over 1200 outstanding reviews, and helped plant nearly 1 million trees with our Tree Planting Partners across the globe. What a ride! We’ve climbed some of the World’s most majestic trees, camped cosily above unforgiving terrains, set up tents in almost every corner of the Earth, and held Camp Outs in the Forest that were nothing short of magical. Here are just a handful of the best bits…

Thanks to each and every one of our customers who’ve helped us come this far, and supported us on the journey. Whether it was by buying a tent, hanging out with us at a Festival, or planting trees with us – every single action has contributed to where we are today, and it means the world to our small family run business.

Kirstie Grego