With the spring camping season just around the corner, now is a great time to test run your gear and take any necessary steps to refresh and renew your tent before it sees action.

While our tents and hammocks are made to last, the wilderness can take its toll on your gear. Whether it requires a simple clean from last years dropped leaves, or minor repairs, it’s always best to check ahead of a fresh season when you have the space, equipment, and time to make the needed adjustments.

Make sure to check your accessories and components too. Safety related checks of load bearing items like your straps and ratchets should be made before every pitch, but even the smaller items like your sleeping bag, drinks holder, or ladder should be checked ahead of a new season to make sure it’s fit for all the adventures that lie ahead!

Reproofing Your Rainfly

Did you know you can extend the lifespan of your rainfly simply by reproofing before or after the camping season? It’s a simple process which requires no specialist knowledge, and will help to keep your gear performing to its potential for longer. Simply use Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarProof ( USA | UK ) and follow the following steps:


Ian Smith
Tagged: Accessories