All Tentsile products are designed and manufactured to exacting standards and are covered by our user warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing faults of the fabrics, parts and workmanship. This warranty covers the functionality of the product for its normal, intended use as specified in Tentsile's consumer literature on the website. It does not cover poles, malfunction of any fabric or component that has resulted from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, accidents, damage due to excessive winds/weather, improper re-packing or natural degradation due to sunlight.

No consequential loss may be claimed under this guarantee. This guarantee in no way affects your statutory rights.

If you believe your product is a warranty claim, please first contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product. They will advise you of the most appropriate course of action. Should the product need to be returned to us for inspection, then please visit our after sales page and download the relevant form as this will speed up the return, inspection and warranty process. Please do not return the product to us, without following the above procedure, as this may result in unnecessary delays and the product being returned, without inspection.

**This may vary depending on the statutes in force within the country of purchase.

The following damage is not covered by the Warranty

 General wear & tear over 3 months continuous reasonable use*

 Flaws in the fabric, if caused by excessive wear

 Leaking through fabric if it is suffering from UV degradation (Often leaking fabric is in fact condensation on the inside of the fabric)

 Leaking through seams if the there has been excessive abrasion of the seams or the seam sealant tape

 Broken zips if caused by forcing, jamming or improper use

 Seams coming apart if caused by over tensioning / stretching

 Broken buckles if they have been subjected to undue force or abrasion

 Broken carry / roller bag if they are over loaded, used for carrying other items or used as a toy

 All pole breakages - these are treated as “fair wear & tear”

 Collateral damage from a pole breakage

 UV degradation

 Condensation, usually caused by lack of ventilation

 Commercial use by rental companies, use by youth groups (Scouts, Guides, BB, DOE)

Reasonable use* does not include damage caused by behaviour that would cause damage to a conventional tent or are outside the guidelines as stated in the Tentsile Instructions: No usage of fire in or around the tent, no use of sharp objects including but not limited to, knives, tools etc, shoes should not be warn inside the tent.

Terms of Product Use

Although Tentsile can be set up within the trees, we recommend a set-up height or no more than 1.2 m from ground level. Tentsile's illustrated Set-Up guide should be followed when erecting Tentsile.