We've assembled a some videos to give you guidance on some of the trickier aspects of setting up your tree tents. Watch these and you'll be a pro in no time!

Triangulator App for iOS or Android

For the perfect pitch, download the ‘Tethered Tents’ app for iOS or Android which provides accurate measurements for how long each strap on your tree tent or hammock should be based on the position of your selected three trees.

Useful video guides

How to Choose Three Trees

Setting Up with Misaligned Trees

Setting Up with Close Trees

Using Anti-Roll Straps

How to Use a Ratchet

Setting Up Without a Ratchet or Weblock

How to Use WaterGates

How to set up the insect mesh to create a tree tent stack

How to set up the insect mesh with a Ground Conversion Kit

Climbing into your Tree Tent

How to Repair Small Tear in Insect Mesh

How to Repair Trillium Black Mesh