Connectez la pile de camping classique (3.0)

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Le Connect Classic Camping Stack offre l'expérience la plus magique de la tente dans les arbres. Cet ensemble de 2 étages est complètement enfermé dans notre filet anti-insectes. Le sol en dessous est laissé complètement ouvert et intact tandis qu'à l'étage, vous avez un magasin de matériel et une chambre à l'étage ou suffisamment d'espace de couchage pour jusqu'à 4 personnes.

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  • Product Overview

    The Connect Stack turn our 2-Person Classic Tree Tent into a double storey hideaway, using a Duo Double 2-Person Hammock, Double-Bubble Insect Mesh and Tent Walls to create an additional sleeping level below the tent, but still suspended off the ground.

    The additional level is connected to the tent and enclosed by the Double Bubbleinsect mesh, with the tent walls providing protection from wind and rain.

    This doubles the sleeping capacity from 2 to 4 adults; making camping with your family or a small group of friends much easier. Camping with the kids is no problem; simply give them a floor all to themselves.

    Alternatively, the hammock level can serve as a living room or even as an additional storage area for your gear.

  • Specifications & Sizing

    Total Weight: 17.1kg / 37.8lbs

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