Green Friday – Turning Black Friday Green

Green Friday – Turning Black Friday Green

In the chaos of Black Friday we wanted to remind everyone that you can shop more positively, and how here at Tentsile we invest in worthwhile causes and try to give back where we can. We are an independent, family-owned business who strive to tread more lightly on Earth and encourage everyone else to do the same.

We encourage you all to get out as much as you can and experience the joy of nature as well as spending quality time with friends and family. And of course, investing in a tree tent or giant hammock allows you to do just that – have fun, relax and enjoy your natural surroundings!

If you haven’t already, join the Tentsile Community over on Facebook where you can share your camping experiences as well as exchange tips and tricks.

So, below can find out more about our green initiatives and how buying a Tentsile products helps support sustainable initiatives around the world…


20 Tree Planted

In case you didn’t already know, for every tree tent or hammock sold, we plant 20 trees with our tree planting partners Eden Reforestation Project and WeForest.

So far, we have helped to plant over 947,000 trees in Madagascar, India and Zambia, which not only helps to restore habitats and eco-systems but also helps to regenerate communities.

You can learn more about Eden Project and what they do by watching our interview with Tentsile Founder, Alex Shirley-Smith and Eden Projects, Daniel Hartz here.

Tentsile was born out of a love of trees and wanting to get more people experiencing what they have to offer and developing an appreciation of them. Our founders motto has always been ‘if we’re all hanging out in trees they can't chop them down’!


1% for the Planet Member

We are a member of 1% for the Planet, a charity which invests in sustainability initiatives across the world. As a member, we donate 1% of our revenue to this charitable organisation.

This means that every time you make a purchase from Tentsile, we invent 1% of the sale into projects working hard to make the planet a more sustainable place.

Find out more about 1% for the Planet.

EOCA Member

The EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association) is another charitable organisation we support. Their work supports conservation projects around the world, helping to protect wildlife, oceans and land.

Our membership fee helps to fund these projects. You also get to vote on which projects you think deserve to be funded. If you follow us on Instagram, we let you know about new projects and how you can vote, as well as how you can support them, twice a year.

You can out more about the EOCA’s past and current projects here.


Sea NOT Air

While not a charity or donation, we also try to minimise our impact which comes from being a global business. This means we only sea freight our products to our warehouses instead of air freighting. While air freighting is much faster, it is much worse for the environment.

Sea freight has a smaller carbon footprint than air freight and studies have shown that using air freight produces 31 times more emissions than sea freight. While both options have an environmental impact, we try to minimise our footprint wherever we can.


If you want to help offset some of your spending this Black Friday, then you can plant trees with us. All tree planting monies go directly to Eden Reforestation Project.



novembre 10, 2022 — Jessica Reading

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