Insulated Cabin Stack

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This selection of Tentsile Stacks centres around our category busting suspended quilted "room", which offers a whole new way to camp in those cooler months and extends your season for being outdoors!

Our Insulated Cabin Stacks offer the ultimate multi-story camping experience. They take our tried and tested stack recipe and add the brand-new Insulated Cabin to create a cosy treehouse, perfect for fall camping.

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  • Product Overview

    What is a Stack?

    A Stack takes a Tentsile Tree Tent and sets it above a Camping Hammock or Ground Conversion Kit. This creates a multi-story camping experience. Add in a few accessories such as walls and insect mesh, and you've got the ultimate family camping set up perfect for the outdoors and/or a backyard treehouse setup.

    Choose Ground or Classic

    The Insulated Stack is available in two configurations: Ground or Classic

    The Ground Stack connects a Stingray (Forest Green only) Tree Tent with a Ground Conversion Kit to create a partially suspended set up that includes a ground porch. It sleeps 3 and is great for smaller groups that want ground storage with a water-proof base.

    The Classic Stack connects a Stingray (Forest Green only) Tree Tent with a Trillium Fabric Hammock to create a fully suspended experience. It sleeps 6 and is great for camping in larger groups and families. Adults and kids alike, will love this portable treehouse in a bag!

    Both configurations include the new Insulated Cabin, Tent Walls, Ladders and other accessories.

    Insulated Cabin

    The Insulated Cabin takes your stack to the next level by creating a cosy sleeping area ideal for camping in those colder months. It adds an extra layer of weather protection with 200g/sqm of hollow fibre polyester and is finished in a supremely soft layer of breathable fabric.

    It features three large zippable windows – one on each side, as well as three smaller windows on the three corners. Each window has a no-see-um insect proof mesh layer, allowing you to roll back the insulation layer while providing ventilation and protection from cold breezes and bugs. The Insulated Cabin comes in its own protective vacuum pack bag for storing when space is at a premium. It also keeps the cabin dry and away from moisture while not in use.

    There are three points of access into the Insulated Cabin when used off the ground – a central hatch within the floor, one in the ceiling and a door on one of the corners. Each corner also features zippable access points where you can easily pass cables, shoes, or other smaller items into and out of the cabin. There are also internal pockets for storing your accessories, and loft loops for hanging lights from.

    Already own a 3-Person Tent or Stack? Purchase the Insulated Cabin alone.

    Looking for a more economical way to warm your Tentsile this fall? Check out our 3-Person Inner Quilt

  • Key Features

  • Specifications & Sizing

    Cabin only specifications:

    Insulated Cabin specifications
    Insulated Cabin specifications
  • What's In the Box?

    Cabin only specifications:

    Ground Stack

    • 1x Lightweight Webbing Ladder
    • 1x Double Bubble
    • 1x Drinks Holder
    • 2x Extendable Poles
    • 3x Packs of Giant Screw Pegs
    • 1x Ground Conversion Kit
    • 1x Hatch Cover
    • 1x Insulated Cabin
    • 1x Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent (Forest Green)
    • 1x Pack of Stack Support Straps
    • 1x Walls Triple Pack (Forest Green)

    Classic Stack

    • 1x Lightweight Webbing Ladder
    • 1x Double Bubble
    • 2x Drinks Holder
    • 3x Extendable Poles
    • 3x Packs of Giant Screw Pegs
    • 2x Hatch Cover
    • 1x Insulated Cabin
    • 1x Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent (Forest Green)
    • 1x Pack of Stack Support Straps
    • 1x Walls Triple Pack (Forest Green)
    • 1x Trillium Giant 3-Person Hammock (Fabric)
  • Setup Video

    For further setup guidance, please see Guides, Tips & Advice.

  • Product Warranty

    Our products are meticulously designed and made to tough it out and provide shelter in some of the world's harshest environments. We are totally proud of the quality and durability of our range and have a guarantee to back it up!

    All our Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks come with a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty for our Ocean, Lightweight, LITE & Classic Ranges, and a 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty for our Safari Range.

    If your tent or hammock arrives defective we will repair your product or if necessary, issue a replacement (terms and conditions apply).

    Learn More about our product warranty.

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