As part of our mission to tread more lightly on the Earth, we always find a new home for our products and never let a good tree tent or hammock become landfill.

We always have a good collection of Pre-loved units. Please email us your preference on so we can see if we have what you want.  You can also check out our Facebook Community Page where other users are selling their older units.

Our pre-loved program aims to minimise waste by giving our products a new lease of life. All pre-loved products go through safety checks and repairs are made where required. All products are then graded based on their condition.

 Our Grading Scale:

  • G1: Lightly used, may have scuff marks & or minor repairs, but otherwise like new.
  • G2: Used and previously repaired, likely to have scuff /dirt marks. It could be an older model.
  • G3: Well used, heavily repaired, most likely dirty. It could also be an older model.

Please be aware, all pre-loved sales are final and no warranties or returns are accepted.