Cliquets et sangles de rechange


Des sangles et des cliquets de rechange sont toujours utiles. Que vous en ayez besoin pour remplacer des unités usées et fatiguées, ou pour trouver un meilleur angle dans le cadre de votre configuration, il est toujours utile d'en garder une dans votre manche !

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Product Overview

Spare straps and ratchets are always useful. Whether you need them for a better angle on your set-up straps, or to replace worn and tired units, it is always handy to keep one up your sleeve!

If you only need extra straps and don't require extra ratchets, you can buy Spare Straps for Ratchets and Weblocks here

If you want to save some weight, why not try replacing a ratchet with a Weblock. Learn how to use our hammock straps.

Our product warranty does not cover ratchets, straps or commercial use. To purchase a commercial warranty, please contact


Ultralight Ratchet & Straps:

  • Strap Length:  4m/13ft
  • Strap Width: 25mm/1"
  • Standard Tension Force: 500kg/1100lbs
  • Max Load: 750kg/1600lbs

Small Ratchet & Straps:

  • Strap Length: 6m/19ft
  • Strap Width: 25mm/1"
  • Standard Tension Force: 750kg/1600lbs
  • Max Load: 1.5ton

Standard Ratchet & Straps:

  • Strap Length: 6m/19ft
  • Strap Width: 35mm/1.5"
  • Standard Tension Force: 1500kg/3300lbs
  • Max Load: 3ton

XL Ratchet & Straps:

  • Strap Length: 6m/19ft
  • Strap Width: 50mm/2"
  • Standard Tension Force: 2500kg/5500lbs
  • Max Load: 5ton
Which Size?

Ultralight Ratchet & Straps (22mm) are suitable for:

Small Ratchet & Straps (25mm) are suitable for:

Standard Ratchet & Straps (35mm) are suitable for:

XL Ratchet & Straps (50mm) are suitable for:


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