What is a camping hammock?

Hammock camping, as it sounds, is when you camp and sleep on a hammock instead of taking your tent. Depending on the type of hammock, this is only an option in warmer weather.

Main Benefits:

  • Camping hammocks are popular among backpacking and bike packing enthusiasts because unlike most tents, they are lightweight and don’t take up much space.
  • With a hammock you don’t need to take into account the condition of the ground below. You can hang your camping hammock over wet, uneven, stick/stone-covered ground or even on a slope. All you need to set one up are a few anchor points, making them extremely versatile as you can set one up anywhere that you can find trees.

What is the difference between a standard camping hammock and a Tentsile camping hammock?

While both standard camping hammocks and those supplied by Tentsile offer a great, lightweight alternative to tent, there are some key differences.


Standard Camping Hammock

Tentsile Camping Hammock


  • Lightweight
  • Lightweight

Anchor Points

  • 2 points of contact
  • Hammock will sway quite a bit
  • Can cause motion sickness
  • Difficult climbing in and out
  • Worse with 3 or more people
  • 3 anchor points
  • Pulls the tent in 3 directions and removes this lateral sway
  • Set up using ratchets and tensioned to create a tight and taut base, which gives just enough to be comfortable

Comfortable night's sleep?

  • Unlikely with multiple people
  • Hammock will sag in the middle
  • Yes
  • Separate sleeping bays for each person

What to consider when purchasing a three-person hammock

There are plenty of considerations to make when purchasing a three-person hammock, these include:

Size & Load Capacity:

If you’re camping with 3 people, you’ll want to ensure that you’ll all be able to fit comfortably into the hammock so you’ll want it to be at least 6ft (1.83m) wide and long enough for the tallest campers.

Not only does the hammock need to be big enough, but the material has to be strong enough to hold 3 people.

Given that the average American male weighs 197lbs, at a minimum you’ll want a hammock that can hold at least 600lbs to cover 3 guys camping together in a group.


Aside from versatility and weight, comfort is the reason most campers choose a hammock. So, it’s important that your hammock is actually a good place to rest.

Unfortunately, standard hammocks can sag in the middle, which forces you into a single sleeping position, on your back, either with your arms cramped by your sides or crossed over your chest.

Even with larger camping hammocks which are advertised as 3-person hammocks, you’ll find that all 3 people end up squashed together in the centre of the hammock without very little space – regardless of how big the actual hammock is.

Tentsile hammocks are reinforced with seat-belt webbing which providing a structurally supportive floor that does not sag like a traditional hammock.

The lack of sag means that you can lay however you want, on your front back or side with plenty of space as you’re not squashed into a single position.

The reinforcing straps are fully adjustable to compensate for weight differentials of the occupants and create distinct, individual sleeping bays, preventing everyone inside from rolling into the middle – a must have in a 3-person hammock.

Set Up

If you’ve been hiking all day, you’re likely pretty tired by the time it comes to set up camp. You don’t want to spend 30 minutes preparing up your hammock for sleep, so it’s important that the set up is simple and straightforward.


If you are planning to camp in colder climates or places with temperamental weather, you may want some added protection .

A rainfly / tarp, or other weatherproofing will help to keep you dry and an insect mesh of bug net will keep mosquitos and other insects away from you while you sleep.

Best three person camping hammocks: Trillium Giant 3-Person Hammock

If you want to take a camping hammock along with you while camping with your family or a group of people, then your best options are:

Trillium Giant 3-Person Hammock

  • 3 separate sleeping bays
  • Easy set-up
  • Central access hatch
  • 3 underfloor storage compartments

The Trillium is 4.1m long on each side, rated to hold 880lbs / 400kg and so can easily fit 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children and their gear making it the perfect choice for families or groups.

As with all our hammocks and tree tents, the underfloor strap system reinforces and adds strength to the base while creating 3 separate sleeping bays so you don’t all roll into the middle, even when there’s a large weight disparity between campers.

Price: £299.99

Click here to visit the product page

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