Floating Tent

Imagine having a tent that can float on the water, hover in the air, and be set up on the ground if you find yourself in the desert with no water or trees. Plus it is roomy enough to fit your closest friends and a dog or two. It comes equipped with a rainfly and insect mesh to keep you protected from the elements, and a ton of other handy features. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, this tent is the real deal.

Tentsile took their already sweet Tree Tent and made it float. The final result is quite possibly the most versatile adventure tent ever made. This is the world’s first-ever three-element tent and it's guaranteed to create unforgettable camping memories.

The Tentsile Universe

Floating Tent - Tentsile Universe

Dubbed the Tentsile Universe, this floating tent completely encloses, making it a true 4-season tent that can fit up to five people when it's pitched on the ground. The Universe comes with a removable rainfly and a built-in no-see-um insect mesh for guaranteed protection from the heaviest rains and the worst mosquito conditions. The tent also features three internal storage pockets to keep your important items handy and within reach while you sleep.

If you’re unable to find a flat spot to pitch the tent or you wish to fulfill your childhood treehouse dreams, the Universe can be hung hammock-style with a system of ratchets and straps that connect to three trees. Suspended in the air, the Universe can hold three adults plus their gear, with an overall capacity of 880 pounds. The straps create separate sleeping bays, that way you don’t all end up rolling into the middle by morning. The bays can be adjusted to account for differently weighted campers, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep for everyone.

The Floating Tent of Your Dreams

Floating tent on the water

The most exciting feature of this 5 person tent is, without a doubt, its ability to float. This stand-up paddle board-style tent raft is designed to float on calm water, offering a fun space for casual fishing or just chilling on the lake. For a bonus, the rain fly can be rigged up as a sunshade and the insect mesh can be removed for on-water use. The Universe is not designed for actually sleeping on the water; water mode is for recreational use only.

The base of the Universe uses an inflatable drop-stitch PVC floor that also provides extra insulation and cushion when sleeping on the ground. The total floor area clocks in at 100 square feet and there’s an additional 165 square feet of protected porch area. As for the rainfly, it’s made from high-quality 210T PU-coated polyester which will keep you dry in all but the heaviest snowfall. The entire system weighs just under 100 pounds making it best fitted for car camping and waterside hangouts and it comes with all poles, ratchets, and straps required for setup as well as a car powered air pump for the inflatable base.

The Universe can be enhanced with all sorts of fun accessories such as a webbing ladderdrink holders, and sky pad mattresses. You can even make room for more friends by slinging up additional tree tents and hammocks nearby. Tentsile Range
giugno 30, 2020 — Ryan W

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