Connect 2-Person Tree Tent (3.0)


The Connect 3.0 is the latest version of Tentsile's best-loved and most versatile 2-person tree tent model. Built to last, this spacious unit provides a double-bay sleeping area with numerous internal pockets and ample storage underfloor nets. 

With its cloud-like comfort, you and your partner will experience the great outdoors like never before. You can even join the tent to two other Connects to create a giant Trilogy 6-Person super tent.

Forest Green - SOLD OUT in EU

Dark Grey - SOLD OUT in Canada

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  • Product Overview

    The Connect is the ultimate 2-person camping experience and is simple to set-up making it a great option for first-time tree campers. This 4 season tree tent is very roomy and has a 880lbs/440kg weight capacity, perfect for young families (2 adults and a small child) to stay in.

    Perfect for ultra-comfy car camping, weekend trips, and single-location basecamps, the Connect packs down into a single bag, so much like the Stingray it’s an amazing option when you don’t need the lightest weight but do want the comfiest night camping.

    The Connect bag can be worn as a backpack, so for single night camping trips where hiking is limited to the walk into the pitch location, the Connect is a great option.

    It’s a great option for canoe trips as it can be set up over any terrain and in dry weather you can remove the rainfly, sleeping with just the insect mesh and allowing you to experience a night under the stars and with the rainfly cover on, full protection from the elements in all seasons.

    With its two-pole pop-up roof, a 3m / 10ft long bed, plenty of internal storage pockets and hanging tablet holders; this tent will become your home away from home.

    You can stack the Connect by adding a Duo hammock underneath, a Ground Conversion Kit at ground level, or both to sleep an extra 2 or 4 campers. You can also combine three Connects to make the Trilogy Super Tent!

    Looking for an ultra-hardcore Tree Tent, or running a campsite, retreat or Airbnb? Check out our Safari Connect

    Please note:

    • Only use the product after reading and in accordance with the product manual.
    • Recommended setup height is 1.2m / 4ft.
    • Minimum tree diameter 40cm/16”.
    • Due to continuous design improvements, details may vary slightly from those stated here.
    • Our Tree Tents and Hammocks are not intended to be permanent structures. Each of our products has a UV rating which advises on average how many hours the product can be left out exposed to sunlight. This can vary depending on climate and altitude. If left out in the sun for prolonged periods of time UV degradation will occur, affecting both the colour and strength of your product. Our best practice advice is to pack away your tree tent or hammock after each use, ensuring it is both clean and dry.
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  • Product Reviews

    4.48 Average

    27 Reviews

    Kaarel Ku****

    Is nice and spacious, have tried with 2 people sleeping in it. Works. But felt that if you sleep alone in it, you might get a sleep from heaven. :)

    GILLES HAS****

    Thanks for the great review!

    Nathaniel S****

    Incredible quality, amazing customer service, easily the best camping gear company I’ve ever come across, the most unique amazing camping product I’ve ever used. I’m always looking for chances to take my tentsile out.

    Love the photo! Thanks for sharing. You've got the under-storage nailed down. Glad you're happy with the quality of the product and service! Thanks for the feedback - and keep sharing. Play, camp, explore all summer long! 👍

    François N**

    Looks great but had to wait one month to receive it. We tried to test it but one of the ratchet was broken. One month later, we still have not received the new ratchet...

    Really sorry you had a long wait for your Connect and the product wasn't 100% when you did receive it. We strive to create the best quality products with the best quality materials so we're sorry we let you down on this occasion. Our Customer Support team will be in touch today to give you an update on your ratchet. Thanks for your feedback, it only helps us improve and get better.

    Delon Ja****

    This was an initial purchase to set up an experience camp. The feeling of being able to rest on that tent is unexplainable. Location: Sri Lanka Looking forward.

    Kaarina K****

    It might have been a great product. However, I never had the chance to find out. I paid for the tent and ladder but never got them. Tentsile has not helped me out on the matter. So.... would I recommend it? Probably yes, if I had got it.

    Robert T M****

    So, in my infinite wisdom I bought this wonderful, excellent and cool tree tent realizing I should have purchased the one with a robust top and fly. My issue is that I have feeling it will get damp inside , especially in cold weather, due to the fly resting on mesh. Well , I didn't research the most excellent one because of price point, and it did say 4 season. So my bad. But more to the point.. the tent gives you an absolutely superior sleep! It is pretty easy to set up for one person and the workmanship is excellent. 5out of 5 with a true, vented 4 season top. It's been a fantastic expensive anyways and I would recommend these (and have) tents for ALL outdoor enthusiasts! So.. thanks and God Bless to you and yours! Campfire Bob


    The tend is great. It is not so simple to fix it in a real equal and perfect way and it is not so easy to find the three trees anyhere...try and you´ll have fun, no ground - camping can compare!

    Thank you for the review, for help with setup email

    Juan B****

    The tent is great, but the rain cover broke on the first day and we are still awaiting to get a new one sent by customer support


    Perfect tent for adventures campers. Had my for few months now and I'm very happy with the overall quality and how easy is it to put up. Initially had some problems with the company but they put things right on the end and I would recommend the tentsile connect to anyone who is looking for little different way of camping:) The only minus is the weight but I travel on the bicycle and the tent fit perfectly to on of the panniers :) ☆☆☆☆☆ five stars

    Love the picture and glad we were able to resolve your issue fast. Thanks for the review and enjoy your adventures!

    Joshua Bruts****

    I like the tent. It is really special.

    Thank you for the review!

    Clare Zel****

    I purchased the connect, after waiting to buy it since they came out. Ultimately, I wish I spent a little more money and got the stingray. The tent itself is high quality, but the accessories are a bust. The zipper on the bubble broke on the first night, and there’s multiple toggles that don’t go anywhere. The instructions are poor. The tent walls I bought for the bubble don’t work well with the connect either - same situation as the bubble, there’s toggles that don’t fasten anywhere. The connect feels pretty bouncy and my partner and I rolled towards the center even though we tighten the center. I hate that you have to climb in from the side - I would exchange it for the stingray just because the entrance is in the middle. Speaking of exchanges, is there any way I can send it back to get the stingray instead?

    Hi Clare, thank you very much for your feedback. We are disappointed that you were unable to make the Connect comfortable. We have worked hard to make the instructions clear and detailed, but we do understand that not everyone finds them easy to follow. The loops and toggles that you cannot find use for are mostly for retro-fitting our range of accessories. If you do experience problems, we suggest that you contact us at for best advice and support. Here is a link to our Connect Tree Tent manual which comes with every tent. Please feel free to guide us on how we could make it better. Link below for quick review.

    Karen Ell****

    Easier to put up than a normal tent once you get the hang of it, more comfortable and likely to be warmer as well. We are probably quite a lot older than most Tentsile users, but had no difficulty at all getting in and out. This is a very clever design and we love it. It will get a lot of use as we have a woodland in Wales with lots of interesting location options to try out. The quality of the components impressed us.

    Jorge Santi****

    Great tent but you know what would make it greater, if it had a little leveling device on it to ensure it is leveled everytime you set up. I tend to eye it to level it and end up being a little off and one side leans more than the other. If three leveling devices were installed on it, that would be perfect.

    Magnus R***

    Great tent, easy to set up when you understand it. Videos on YouTube chanel helpt me alot

    Virginia Hami****

    I love my new Tentsile tent! Super easy to setup and very comfortable! I am never wanting to go back to a regular tent! So fun to set up and just enjoy the view!

    Mary Har****

    The tent wasn’t as as hard to set up as people have made it out to be, I Really liked that i didn’t have to deal with ground water or rain, it’s one of the best tree tents on the markets just make sure you know how to two your knots

    Thanks for the feedback, Mary! Great to see you set up no problem at all! Good for you! :)


    La tente semble robuste et de qualite! Le design est bien fait. Super confortable!Parfait pour camping en canoe ou en voiture vu le poids et la grosseur du sac.Montage pas tellement compliqué...demande juste un peu d’ajustement. Overall...bon produit pour vivre une belle experience de camping!!!!

    Michael TREI****

    Easy to install. Clear step by step instructions Much more comfortable than an usual tent well designed in termsof space and accessories Only drawback : when you move during the night, your partner moves as well...

    Thanks, Michael. It is certainly more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Check your middle strap to ensure each hammock is well-defined. Keep enjoying! :)

    kelly cri****

    wow! Let me just start with holy smokes, the engineering and design of this tent is absolutely wicked cool! All my friends are jealous of my tree tent and they should be! I've had this tent for about 2 months now and I am in love with Tentsile! It was so much more spacious and comfortable than I thought when I saw it online. I love the colors, I love the materials, I even love the darn duffel bag the tent came in that not only fits the tent and ladder but also fits 2 more hammocks and other things, and tent cases never have room for extra things let alone the actual tent. Thanks for making it easy to pack up and put away! The only issue I'm having with the tent is actually with hooking up the rope ladder and using the ladder correctly without flopping around trying to climb up. Thank you for making such a wonderful and cool product! And for caring about the environment as well!!

    Kelly, this is great news! Thank you. We agree with you that tents never go back into their bag, so we spent a lot of time thinking this through! Great that pickup on that! Feel free to send in any photos, if you have time; we do like to follow the Tentsile Tribe as it grows! :)

    Rihards Stre****

    The best camping tent ever. It's fun for kids and grownups. Enjoying beautiful nights watching stars and laying in sunny days.

    Thanks for the feedback, Rihards! Glad you enjoyed your experience as much as we hoped you would! Tentsile Team! :)

    Nathan L***

    I love my new Connect easy to set up and such a nice night sleep. Laying under the stars floating in the air is my new love in life. This has been my best Corona purchase so far.....

    Thanks, Nathan, for the feedback. Floating under the stars is a wonderful thing! Good luck during Corona! Tentsile Team! :)

    Shannon Ste****

    Very easy to set up and comfortable!! Love sleeping up in the trees!

    David Re****

    I was hoping it didn't sleep like a trampoline, it doesn't! Its perfect, you have the same comfort as a hammock but you lay flat and aren't rolled up. I can put my cordless fan on oneside and it stay there no problem. I haven't had my connect very long so I haven't really check the durability. But just looking at it and feeling, you can tell there shouldn't be any problems with that. I will enjoy my connect for many years..

    Alyssa Ne****

    If you enjoy looking amazing, standing out in the crowd or anything outdoors this product is for you. This is our second tensile tent and we have no regrets. This come with everything you need! It has the bug net, rainfly, the poles are high quality and this thing is just about as comfortable as our memory foam mattress! It’s super easy to set up and surprisingly warm in the winter. The floor part of the tent isn’t your average hammock material, it’s a bit thicker, offers more support and like I said, it’s like sleeping on a cloud (ya get it, because we are floating in the air?) We ordered this during #covid19 so shipping took a week but no complaints, this still arrived faster than my amazon order! Customer service is amazing, helpful and friendly. We are definitely going to get 2 more so we can have the whole connect set up. We have almost successfully convinced our sister to get one too. #tentsile4lyfe

    Kyla B***

    My son bought the connect 3.0 tree tent. Our entire house was anticipating its arrival! The day it came, you would’ve thought it was Christmas for everyone! We all drove together to find the perfect location to suspend the tent in the trees! It literally took just minutes to have the tent in the air. Taking it down was just as easy. This will be used, loved and borrowed by All of his siblings for a long time, I’m sure! The kids were also very happy to know that 20 trees were planted as a result of this purchase!!

    Karl Carpe****

    It looks very practical. The instructions are ok, but I know there is a video to help with set up. I have a few questions about set up, but I will find out once I get into it.

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