Klarna: Buy Now, Pay Later

Want to buy now and pay later? With Klarna, now you can.

Klarna lets you pay after delivery. It's super simple and safe, just select Pay Later at checkout. Klarna offers you 2 payment options:

  • Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Pay Later in 3 Instalments

Buy Now, Pay Later

When you choose Pay later, you have the option to pay on a due date 30 days from the shipment of your order. 

So you only pay after receiving your order. If you decide that the product isn't for you then you can simply return it (see our Returns policy) and you won't have to paid for the original order.

Pay Later in 3 Instalments:

This is a payment option you can choose to part pay your purchases by dividing the cost into 3 equal payments without any interest, fees or charges using a credit or debit card. However, the issuer of your card may charge interest or other fees under the terms of your card agreement.

How do I Pay later in 3 instalments?

You make a purchase and provide your card details to complete it. The first payment is taken from your card at this time. The two remaining equal payments will also be taken from your card 30 and 60 days after the first payment is taken. We will tell you the due dates. You give us the authority to take the two remaining equal payments from your card on the due dates without any further notice to you.

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