Hang Out, Cash In | Affiliate Program

Still, haven't taken the plunge and bought yourself a Tentsile? Now's the perfect time, not only do we have 10% off selected Tree Tents and hammocks, you can also earn yourself some money just by recommending us to, well, anyone who wants a Tentsile Tree Tent!

Whether you're a super-fan who's itching to show off their recent purchase, a first-time Tentsile buyer, or, looking to upgrade your Tree Tent or hammock, you can sign up today to start promoting and earning straight away!

What do I do next?

BUY – There's never been a better time, selected models have 10% off as part of our Summer Promo!

SHARE – We'll send you your unique discount code, share with friends, or, you can print out discount card packs here

EARN –  You'll get 10% commission for every purchase made using your code, plus, whoever's buying will get 5% off. Win-win!


For example, if you bought a T-Mini Hammock today, signed up to share your code and racked up $1,500 in referred sales, you will earn $150, so, will have made your money back. Simple.

What are you waiting for…