Which Tentsile is right for me?

The Tentsile range has everything you need for your camp in the trees, from 1 person tents for explorers to backyard treehouse tents.

The chart below will help guide you through our range of tree tents and giant hammocks.

Ideal for those looking for fun. The Play range contains everything from semi-permanent glamping tents to giant garden hammocks. While being too heavy to carry in a backpack, they are still a great solution for anyone looking to go camping and weight is not a consideration.
Play Range Comparison Chart


Take your family camping trips to the next level. The Camp range includes some of our most popular tree tents. Ideal for the car camper that is looking for a tent that will accommodate the whole family. Turn your tree tent into a stack with a Trillium Giant Hammock for more living space.
Camp Range Comparison Chart


Explore range is perfect for the adventurer looking for a compact lightweight tent that will fit in a backpack. The Explore range takes advantage of Tentsiles camp anywhere design These are perfect 4 season backpacking tents for the adventurer who is looking to travel off the beaten track and needs to camp off the ground.
Explore Range Comparison Chart