2-Person Camping Bundle: Safari Connect & T-Mini Hammock

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  • Stingray Stack Bundle

    Ever been stuck between a hammock, a Tree Tent and a hard place? Now you don't have to choose!

    This ultimate package combines the heavy-duty Safari Connect 2-Person Tree Tent with our iconic T-Mini 2-Person Double Hammock.

    Once set up, the tent is suspended, clear of the hard cold ground/wet mud giving extra comfort and warmth.

    Unlike a traditional hammock tent, the base of the Safari Connect is flat, held taught by our unique three-point anchor system which uses ratchets to create tension through the base of the tent. Together with our anti-roll strap system, this avoids the awkward saggy sleeping position of a traditional hammock.

    The rainfly's distinct lateral wings peg out, to further increase the protected area at ground level, creating a huge living area to keep equipment & ground dry below.

    Bundle Includes