Safari Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent

  • Product Summary

    The most robust and enduring tree tent in the world. Designed with the same space and storage capacity as our flagship Stingray model, but, made from the highest quality, toughest, UV-resistant material available. With care, this model can be left up for months at a time and comes with a 5-year warranty*.

    Perfect for semi-permanent camps or backyard setups, these tents are made to withstand extreme climates and a high volume of occupant turnover and use. There is nothing you can throw at this material that it cannot handle.

    A Trillium 3-Person Hammock fits seamlessly underneath to create the classic Tentsile Stack; the ultimate, multi-storey camping experience!

    Key Features

    • 5-year warranty
    • 4 entry points
    • Upgraded floor material for use in more extreme conditions
    • Heavy-duty rainfly
    • Tear resistance insect mesh
    • Increased separation from insects & ground animals

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    *Doesn't apply to commercially used Tree Tents.

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