Stack Support Straps

$ 50.00 USD

Stack Support Straps make sure that you have a perfect Stack set up by locking the two levels together, so that your Double Bubble is never stretched too much and leaving gaps for insect to come into your Bubble!

Simply clip the Stack Support Straps to the D-rings on the top and bottom level and cinch up tight! This will make sure that when someone is in the lower level, the distance between the two levels always stays the same!

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Product Features

Made from Tentsile’s tough 2.5cm /1” black webbing strap, with a metal adjustment buckle, these straps will fit all of the Stack options that Tentsile offer. This innovative solution to locking in your levels to one another, means that you will never have gaps appearing between your hammock, tent, and double bubble insect screen. No bugs ever again!

Setup Video

For further setup guidance, please see Guides, Tips & Advice.