Stealth Tree Tent - Bundle Deal

Make our most versatile tent even more versatile

Our Stealth tent has always been the option for serious camper. Its large rain fly sheet insures the maximum dry storage (a huge 6m2) while its 3 large full zip doors offer a huge flexibility.

The Stealth is one of the most versatile tents in our range it is ideal for anyone looking for a robust 3 person, 4 season tent. Looking for even more space why not turn your stealth into a stack for only an extra $170. This will double your sleeping capacity to 6 people by adding a Trillium Triple Hammock, which can be enclosed with our Double Bubble insect mesh and tent walls for weather protection. This combo includes everything need for your perfect stealth tent stack.

Whats included:

Stealth Tent (includes tent, straps, ratchets, bungees and 4 pegs)

Trillium Triple Hammock (includes giant hammock, straps, ratchets)


Hatch Cover (seals the central hatch of the Stealth)

Drinks Holder (upright holding space for 3 drinks)

Webbing Ladder (allowing vertical movement between floor layers)

Tree Protector Straps  (Avoid damage to the tree bark)