Just Another (Fa)bric in the Wall

Written By Alex Shirley-Smith - May 04 2015


July 07 2016

Where can I buy these walls?

July 06 2016

Yes wall. Shouldn’t even be a question.

June 21 2016

Yes, a removable wall would be nice to protect from a side-rain. I creates a “shelter”

June 20 2016

Walls would be perfect, me and my grandfather struggle to find shade where we camp and go hide in our trucks due to a small canopy when it rains. With walls, we can sit under our tent free of the sun and rain and enjoy camping to the fullest.

Bruce Kuykendall
March 22 2016

Since I live in Swampy, muggy ole Florida – I’d like to see Mesh Walls! Lift the Stingray up to 6 ft. off the ground and create a 14×14×14 screen room underneath which protects from sun and bugs! Basically the same type of enclosure as a Nemo Bugout.

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