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Written By Jethro Shirley-Smith - June 13 2016


Neil Williams
June 14 2016

That was a great tale. We took delivery only the other week, your delivery was just second to non and last weekend we put up the stingray in the woods behind up for sleeping accomodation with a party for friends and family and a sleep over. Your tent was the talk of the party, it was simply amazing. My eight year old persuaded my wife to join us for our first family camp simply the best night. He did wake up at 5am having turned 180 degrees round to claim in a really disoriented way that his mum had pinched his place in the tent. We’d slept through it all till he announced this. Thanks guys we look forward to using the tent and trillium as much as possible. We’ll keepin touch, but hanks again for the outstanding service and making the sleep out possible.

Mogens Henningsen
June 14 2016

Your Welcome in The Swedish sherwood !!

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