Tentsile’s award-winning camping hammocks and tree tents excite and inspire campers around the world.

Unlike traditional tents, which need to be pitched on flat, level, dry ground, Tentsile Tree Tents and Camping Hammocks use a patented three-point anchoring system to suspend your tent off the ground.

Each tent and hammock is built with a tensioned base for comfort and offers and unrivalled camping experience and way to spend time in the great outdoors.

The modular system allows for setups to be personalised by extending, stacking and connecting with other Tree Tents and hammocks to create multi-level tents.

Our Story

Our journey began when after years of designing and building tree houses, our founder Alex-Shirley Smith (architect) wanted to create a lightweight and portable tree house for outdoor enthusiast to have a portable, off-the-ground home wherever they are.

The Tentsile Journey: Portable Tree House to Hammock Tent

This idea quickly evolved into our flagship model, the Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent which was picked up, displayed and sold at MOMA, New York. It was an instant hit in both design and camping circles, and very quickly sold out.

From the Stingray a selection of camping hammocks and tree tents was born ranging from the UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent for solo adventurers, all the way up to the Trilogy 6-Person Super Tent for families and larger groups. 

Our Mission

The first Tree Tent was designed with principles of ecological respect and improving the human experience in the Great Outdoors in mind. Our mission is to conserve the world’s forests and to that end, we take part in a number of initiatives to ensure the survival of our great forests and planet as a whole.

Tree Planting

For every tent purchased we make a donation to plant 20 trees with our partners.

So far, we have supported the planting of over 700,000 trees in projects located across Madagascar, Zambia and Oregon.

Follow our #BecomeOneOfTheMillion campaign and keep up with our progress as we work with each of these organisations to plant 1 Million trees over the next five years.

Repair & Recycle

We try to make sure that none of our products ever end up in landfill.

When any tree tent or camping hammock is returned to us, we inspect to see if it's possible to repair and re-sell under our Pre-Loved scheme.

If it can't be repaired, the tent or hammock is disassembled and the materials are re-purposed into our range of upcycled accessories.

Shipping, Travel & Working from Home

All of our products are shipped to us via sea freight as it is 100x less polluting than air freight.

As a team whenever we travel overseas, we calculate the carbon footprint for the travel and plant a suitable number of tree to ensure that these journeys are carbon neutral.

Our entire team works from home, reducing our need to travel to and from the office.

Paper & Cardboard

We minimise how much we print by creating digital copies of our marketing collateral which we encourage people to use and all our marketing materials are printed on FSC certified paper. This means that an additional four trees are planted for every one tree that has been harvested.

We use unlaminated, brown cardboard boxes to package our products in, making them 100% recyclable.