Tentsile Ltd is an innovative outdoor equipment company that has redefined camping and outdoor experiences with its revolutionary Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks. Founded by Alex Shirley-Smith, the company introduced a groundbreaking concept that merges camping with conservation. Tentsile's tree tents are suspended between trees, minimizing environmental impact while providing an elevated and immersive camping experience. 

Founded on the principles of sustainability and adventure, Tentsile's products have gained global recognition for their unique design and eco-friendly ethos. The company's commitment to responsible camping practices and conservation is evident in its collaborations with environmental organizations, supporting reforestation efforts and promoting Leave No Trace principles.

Tentsile's portfolio extends beyond tree tents, encompassing a range of outdoor gear designed to enhance the connection between humans and nature. From camping hammocks to weather-resistant accessories, Tentsile's offerings reflect a dedication to innovative design and functional utility.

With a passion for both nature and adventure, Tentsile Ltd continues to inspire outdoor enthusiasts to explore the world while minimizing their impact on delicate ecosystems. The company's fusion of creativity, sustainability, and exploration has reshaped the camping industry and encouraged a more mindful approach to outdoor living.

As we’ve grown, the team have maintained our drive for sustainability and the protection of trees. Since introducing their pledge to plant trees with every tent sold, we've planted 1,000,000 trees!

Please see Our Mission to learn about our commitment to sustainability.

To find out more about how Tentsile bought their own factory to take control of their manufacturing process, take a look at how we make Tentsiles!