Meet the Team

Founded in 2010, Tentsile is a family run business that take pride in bringing its customers the world's most exciting (and fun) Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks. Alongside his brothers, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and two other work colleagues, the UK based Tentsile team work tirelessly to stay at that forefront of this new category that they invented, while delivering diligent worldwide customer service and maintaining our family-run values.

Alex Shirley-Smith

Founder and CEO

Alex created Tentsile to allow others to explore and appreciate trees and forests in a new way. He wants to highlight the fight against deforestation and loss of wooded habitat. After all, if we are all hanging out in trees, they can’t chop them down!

Robert Shirley-Smith

Sales Director

Robert is the Global Sales Director and a shareholder of Tentsile, responsible for global sales, B2B, Wholesale, and managing our Experience Camps. In 2010, Robert worked with his brother Alex on the original designs and prototypes of the tents before joining the team full-time in Jan 2014. Robert has worn many hats and is now responsible for global sales – he knows the inner workings of the business and leads the team in the Sheffield head office.

Jethro Shirley-Smith

Finance Director

Jethro leads Tentsile’s financial team. He joined the business in the summer of 2015, leaving teaching in order to help elevate the wonders of tree camping. As a firm believer in tree planting and tree conservation, Tentsile feels like a natural home for Jethro. In his spare time you’ll find him playing the piano, eating good food and as planting in the garden.

Kirstie Grego

Marketing Director

Kirstie joined the team in 2016 and is responsible for our small but impactful Marketing department. She oversees everything from Ecommerce, Brand Collaborations, Content Creation, Social Media, Ambassadors & more. Now based in Sheffield, Kirstie has enjoyed many a Tree Tent adventure - from the remote lakes of Finland to the Forests of the PNW and the Californian Redwoods.

Nicola Bruce

Global Logistics & Customer Services Manager

Nicola leads our small customer service team and aims to deliver the best customer service experience possible. She is on hand to answer any queries regarding your order, and ensures you get your order on time so you can get outdoors and join us in the trees! Nicola loves Tentsile’s family-run atmosphere and the quality and inspirational products we offer.

Chris Booth

Head of Operations

Chris joined Tentsile in 2018 after living in Australia for 6 years with his wife and three children. His main responsibility is to head the operations department which covers everything from purchasing, planning, design, and quality control. If Chris is not at his desk you will usually find him setting up a tree tent in the forest, spending time with his family and dog, or planning his next adventure!

Ian Smith

Brand & Design Coordinator

Ian is responsible for anything and everything visual at Tentsile. Additionally, he manages our email marketing program, helping us get our message across to the right audience at the right time. Ian is a passionate climber, camper, and photographer. His other loves are Muay Thai and his two dogs.