We invented our Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks to inspire us all to help protect and conserve our remaining global forests. By promoting healthy outdoor activities and wellbeing, we aim to elevate our customers’ experience in nature by allowing them to interact with it in a completely new, fun and innovative way.

We proudly participate in a number of initiatives to ensure the survival of our woodlands, forests and the planet as a whole. "If we're all hanging out in trees, they can't chop them down," Founder, Alex Shirley-Smith

For every Tree Tent and Giant Hammock purchased, together with our partners we plant 20 trees.

Since beginning our journey, Tentsile has helped plant over 1,000,000 trees in projects located across Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, India, Zambia and Oregon. Keep up with our progress as we work with our partner organisations - learn more.

Repair, Recycle & Upcycle

We try to make sure that none of our products ever end up in landfill so we've introduced programmes to repair and upcycle all of our products as they reach the end of their usable life - learn more.

Carbon Counting

It's important that our activities as a business have as little impact on us as possible and we have a number of initiatives to ensure this is the case - learn moreWe and our supply chain are now single-use plastic free!

Ethical Production

All of our products are manufactured by our expert team in a purpose built facility. We're extremely proud to pay our production team fair wages and provide a safe and healthy workplace, within a comfortable and clean environment - learn more