We are absolutely thrilled to share the incredible news that Tentsile have now reached our target of planting 1 Million trees in 10 years, with our tree planting partners! Protecting and preserving the World’s forests has always been at the very heart of everything we do here at Tentsile. We don’t plant trees so that we can sell more Gear – in fact it’s the exact opposite – we sell tents so that we can plant as many trees as possible. Simple.  

When we started out in 2013 – hand stitching our first prototype in the kitchen – the inspiration for our brand was centred around the environment. Our Founder Alex was seeking a way to encourage more people to spend time outdoors, and in particular, in woodlands and forests. He knew that in doing so, people would have more time and space to reflect on the beauty of their local woodlands from the comfort of a Tree Tent, and hopefully would be inspired all the more to protect them from over development and the wider perils of deforestation.

Since we launched, we have been planting 20 trees for each tent and hammock sold, and have now hit our target of planting 1 million trees with partners including veritree, Eden Reforestation Project and WeForest. These trees have been planted all over the world – from Zambia and Madagascar, to the USA, India and Nepal. You can dig deeper into our planting efforts here – where you can see the exact location our verified trees are being planted at the moment. Each sapling is monitored, measured and protected into maturity, so we (and you!) know for certain that they will go on to sequester carbon, rejuvenate ecosystems, and benefit local communities for many generations to come.

Of course, we’re not going to stop there. Why would we? Vast areas of  forest are still being depleted every day to feed frenzied global consumerism; destroying habitats and accelerating global warming, all in the name of profit. As long as Tentsile is making world class Outdoors Gear, we will proudly be on the frontline of reversing this destruction.

Celebrating our achievements

Here is what some of our environmental partners have to say about our achievements:

"Congratulations to Tentsile on the remarkable milestone of planting their one millionth tree. Their unwavering commitment to nature restoration sets a powerful example for businesses everywhere. Tentsile has demonstrated that by integrating nature restoration into their operations, they can make a profound impact on our environment. We applaud Tentsile for their outstanding efforts in taking a stand for a more sustainable future, and we're thrilled to stand alongside them in this vital journey of restoring and preserving nature." - David Luba, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships at veritree

"1% for the Planet members commit to donating at least 1% of annual sales directly to environmental organizations. We certify every donation to ensure businesses meet that commitment. Tentsile has been a certified and valued member of 1% for the Planet since they joined the movement in 2017. The impact that they have had through their partnerships with WeForest and Eden Reforestation Projects over the years speaks to the strength of their commitment. We're incredibly grateful for their dedication to support people and the planet so future generations thrive." - Kiera Murphy, Account Manager, UK & Europe, 1% for the Planet 

"Tentsile has been a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA), supporting vital conservation projects around the world since 2018, and we are delighted to hear about their one million trees milestone.  This kind of work is absolutely crucial as we face the climate and loss of biodiversity crises.  Here’s to the next million!" Tanya Bascombe, General Manager
European Outdoor Conservation Association


Kirstie Grego