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The problem?

Over half of Europe’s last primeval forests are found in Romania - but they are under serious threat. Nearly 8.8 MILLION metres³ of the forest is illegally logged every year. Even areas identified as National Parks are vulnerable. These sites of environmental significance are being lost at an alarming rate to greed and corruption. 

All of this is happening under the eyes of local forest authorities, the Romanian Government, and even the UN.

This year, we cannot continue to watch the problem. We must ACTIVATE! That’s why we’re launching the new #TentsileActivate campaign…

Our aims?

Tentsile aims to work with experienced deforestation fighters, Agent Green, in their ongoing battle to defend centuries-old forests. Tentsile Tree Tents will be on the front line of forest protection and we need you, the worldwide Tentsile Tribe, for support.
Every man, woman, and child should be aware of the environmental dangers our planet is facing - this year, we aim to offer you solutions. 
By engaging new technology, larger online platforms for awareness, people on the ground, and all of you at home, we aim to combat illegal logging before this problem gets any worse.

Tentsile needs YOU!

 Through #TentsileActivate we aim to educate, inspire and activate. If you’re ready to get your hands dirty, watch this space. Prepare to see the Tentsile Tribe involved in more ways than ever before…

Step 1: Sign this Petition 

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