Dieter Berghmans

Belgian-Australian Photographer and Outdoorsman

"SKY ABOVE ME. EARTH BELOW ME. FIRE WITHIN ME." Passionate Belgian-Australian outdoor enthusiast and freelance photographer based in Finland. Living life true to myself and inspiring others to dream, discover and living one with nature.



Marco Santinelli

Italian Photographer and Outdoorsman

Marco Santinelli is an Italian photographer who found in a camera the way to mix his passion for adventure with the need to share nature's beauty: Mountains, Lakes, Wildlife and much more. He grows his community by showing out of the ordinary places, discovered in his hiking and trips.



Max Stimmel

German Photographer and Traveller

I’m 22 years old and an outdoor photographer from Germany. I’m passionate for all kinds of adventures, photography and creating unforgettable moments! My favorite places are South & Central America and Scandinavia for its incredible diverse nature and beautiful places to camp in the wild!



Logan Lau

American Photographer and Pizza Addict

Adventurer, thrill seeker, pizza addict and photographer. Loves travel and being out in nature, and thrives off experiencing new things, new places and meeting new people. My camera allows me to freeze time and hold onto those precious moments forever. Creating keeps the passion alive.


Naomi Bruneau

Hawaiian Photographer and Part-Mermaid

Born and raised on the island of Hawaii and currently reside on the island of Oahu. I am an outdoor adventure enthusiast. I love hiking, camping, free diving, mermaiding and relaxing on the beach with my boyfriend who loves taking pictures - Tentsiles are our favourite way to hang out on the beach!


Elise McCabe

Norwegian Photographer and Outdoorswoman

Living in Norway with my husband and six children, surrounded by wild and beautiful nature. We love to spend as much time as possible outdoors, and preferably sleep under the stars. I am passionate about catching magical moments through photography, and hope to inspire others to spend time outdoors.


Brycen Metzger

American Photographer and Outdoorsman

Hey!! My name is Brycen, and i’m an outdoor adventurist with a love of extreme sports, and all the things nature has to offer. I’m a professional outdoor photographer, who loves to capture my surroundings through a different perspective, that’s unique to me.


Simone Febbrari

Italian Garden Designer and Video Maker

Freelance content creator passionate about photography and nature. I’m in love with creating garden spaces, landscapes and telling their stories. My dream is to restore the emotional connections with ecosystems, expanding our relationship with nature.


Liisa Luodemaa

Finnish Photographer and Outdoorswoman.

I live in Finland with my boyfriend and two dogs. In my spare time I love hiking with my dogs, camping and spending time outdoors. I always have a camera with me on hikes and trips as I want to capture all beautiful moments.


William Frohne

American Photographer

Our world is full of an absolutely unreasonable amount of beauty, it is my passion to capture that beauty and share it with all. William Frohne is a freelance content creator based in Washington state. He currently into full time travel photography. His favourite tool in capturing beauty is his drone; “our world is so beautiful from above.



Jakub Wencek

Polish forester,  nature photographer and videographer.

The Forest has always very close to my heart - I have a lot of passion for taking photos of nature. People say that my job is perfect because it allows me to spend the whole day in the forest being close to nature. That's true. I'm lucky that I can explore Barycz Valley every day - it gives me opportunities to take incredible shots of Polish forests, and find peace, which we all need so much in our crazy world!


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