As inventors of Tree Tents - such an industry disrupting, category defining, innovative range of products - we’re no strangers to companies trying to copy our products over the years.  Since we started, just over nine years ago, we’ve seen imitations pop up across the globe, but we know from speaking with those customers that have taken a chance on the copycats, that Tentsile’s products are simply unbeatable in terms of design, quality and craftsmanship.

All of our products are precision engineered, created with attention to detail, and have been refined and improved with each year that’s gone by following customer feedback, rigorous R&D processes, safety testing and quality control. We use only the best, most durable materials, and never compromise on safety. That’s how we’ve built our reputation over the past nine years and our reviews speak for themselves. Read our customer reviews.

As the demand for Outdoors Sports and Leisure equipment has boomed over the past year, so too have the number of copycat websites seeking to sell cheap imitation products. We were alerted to this by our global community of loyal Tree Tent fans and have been inundated with reports from people who’ve been targeted by scam marketing from these sites. Some of them seem to be replicating our patented designs, others are using our content to promote products that might not even exist. Whether they are simple scam sites - taking your personal data and cash - or actually sending out imitation product, we wanted to alert our customers to their presence and help you avoid being stung.

Safety and Conservation

Your safety is our utmost priority, and as with any gear that is designed to be set up at height (even only a few feet off the ground), using a knock-off cheap product to suspend you and your family, is just not worth the risk. The materials, components, and workmanship are unlikely to be safe, and when camping with your family or adventure crew, the consequences of that are unthinkable. 

As proud supporters of the Leave No Trace principles, we have specifically designed our tents and hammocks to minimise their impact on trees and wildlife during use. Every tree tent and hammock comes with tree protector wraps to protect the trees bark. We’re also passionate about conservation, working with our tree planting partners to plant 20 trees for every tent and hammock we sell. We're also a member of 1% for the Planet which means we donate 1% of your purchase to help fund sustainable initiatives around the world.

In our purpose-built production facility, we work hard to ensure that are products are manufactured sustainably and ethically. Our production team works in a clean, safe environment and we greatly value their wonderful contribution. Tentsile is proud of the fact that we do not use cheap or sweat labour in any of our supply chain.

We’re conscious that counterfeit manufacturers are unlikely to work to this set of high ethical and environmental standards, but rather use our reputation, imagery and videos to take your money and run. This is product piracy, and we will not let them get away with it. Report them to us!

How do I know that I’m buying a genuine Tentsile?

If the price seems too good to be true – it probably is! These sites are set up to take your money and disappear. And you may have a real job on your hands getting it back! You can ensure you’re buying a genuine Tentsile product by shopping exclusively on

How do I report a counterfeit product, website or advert?

It’s simple to report a counterfeit. You can email us at and use the subject line Counterfeit. You can then tell us:

  • Where you saw the counterfeit (social media advert, or direct website)
  • Provide a link to the website / social media page (if available)
  • Provide a screenshot (perhaps if the advert was temporarily on you social feed)

I’ve bought a counterfeit Tentsile without knowing, what do I do now?

Although we’re unable to replace or refund any counterfeit purchases through other retailers, we strongly suggest you contact the original seller for a full refund. You can also view our full range to find a genuine Tentsile to suit your needs.

Do not put the satisfaction or safety of your family at risk, only buy your Tree Tents or Giant Hammocks from reputable sources. for more details.

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Hannah Hughes