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"Oh my goodness! The most fabulous tent on Planet Earth just arrived at my house today!!! Never mind the rest of them at the birthday party, I'm off to live on the side of a mountain somewhere in deepest darkest Peru!! Lol :) Can't wait to rig it up in the woodland (my little boy is frantically growing trees in my garden and hoping they'll be ready to attach the Stingray to tonight!)" Tamsin Morgan



"I received my new Tentsile Connect on June 27th and lived in it the rest of the week.  Fantastic sleeping.  It averaged about 80 degrees at night here in South Carolina and the ventilation was unbelievable even with the rain fly attached due to the thunderstorms every night.  I did have the fly staked out for maximum air flow.  It was the most restful sleep I ever had while summer camping." Randy McCracken



"Hi. I'm own a tentsile connect tent. I'm a sergeant in the Irish army and it's my job to train recruits. I have is used my connect on two tours of duty with the united nations both in tropical and cold climates with huge success. I also use it while training recruits in Ireland. I use it with a hammock slung underneath to store my kit. i also use it for civilian use outside of the military. I can't speak highly enough of this tent, especially it's durability and comfort."   Richie Sweeny



"Well I have to tell you my gf and I were just at the Ocala national forest three weeks ago, and we are very grateful for that insect mesh because we fell asleep looking at the sky like it was our first time." Mike Papadatos



'Please tell your staff and team I sincerely appreciate their time and effort and look forward to using your products forever. Thank you for helping me and being very thorough and patient today.  Great people! Can't wait to get my Stingray up in the trees.' Robert F Hoelscher



'Back Therapy! I've always loved camping and grew up in the scout program but after having back surgery sleeping on the ground no longer agrees with me and I wake up feeling crippled the next day despite layers of padding.
Just spent my first night in a Tentsile Stingray and LOVED IT. Slept well and woke up feeling GREAT!

I should also note that it was below freezing and snowing/sleeting with some decent wind for part of the night and we stayed completely dry and were so warm we were shedding layers after the first hour. (Sleeping pad, zero bag, fleece liner)




'DEAREST TENTSILE: The black trillium hammock I bought a while back was very literally the best thing I bought in 2015 (and I bought a motorcycle, authentic Toro sushi, a few bottles of Dom, and 5 Berkshire blankets :P) My friends go NUTS over the hammock. You guys are an amazing company that is constantly improving (yes, I noticed the classy website remodel and the article about the quality control issues that have been fixed) and I assure you, if I love this tent, and I know I will, I will buy from you again (really considering getting a few more hammocks are starting a club in the trees where we drink champagne and relax all day lol) YOU GUYS FLIPPIN ROCK! Cheers from America!! And God bless the UK (HUGE snooker fan) PS thanks a ton for the sale! I was going to wait until summer to get this but I just couldn't resist haha'   Matthew Hoog



'I have received my repair/replace items, and they worked perfectly.  We used the Stingray, this weekend, and it performed amazingly.  My son, who is 6'3" and 240 lb., and I slept in it with tons of room.  I literally slept as good as home in my bed, which never happens camping.  The temperature was in the lower 40's F, and the rain fly tucked underneath helped tremendously.  Our group we were camping with couldn't stay away from it.  It was a huge hit.

I can't tell what it means to have a company stand behind their product!  Your actions made a good weekend camping with friends/family a great one.  I will tell anyone I can about the great product and the concern of the company for its customers.  You're doing it right. God Bless.' Troy Roush



'The best customer service I've ever experienced. If every company were as yourselves we'd be living in a perfect world. Thanks again.' Andrew W. Scott



"I wake to a warm breeze wafting the sweet smell of a fresh mountain morning, as sun dapples dance playfully through the tree tops. I feel exhilarated, and quite well rested as if i had just slept 12 hours plus in my own bed. I am swaying serenely only a few feet off the ground staring up at a beautiful canopy of green and if i tilt my head a bit i can see the ridge i will be hiking later stretching around the bend of a bubbling stream. I am ecstatic. I unzip the mesh fabric door of my tentsile connect and hang my legs out taking in the beautiful Oregon wilderness, planning my day of adventure.

I have been camping in this wood for more than fifteen years, and yet my ability to explore has only recently been liberated. The days of soggy tent bottoms, extra tarps, and uneven ground are over and i can finally camp inthe view as opposed to near it. The Tentsile is an exceptional concept with more practical  application than any single piece of gear I own to date. It has opened a plethora of outdoor possibilities for someone such as myself who prefers the company of wildlife and natural beauty to the masses in their smoggy cities. Its that product that truly inspires the imagination, and  rouses the explorer in us all and for that I wish the utmost success and productivity to your team." Justin Adkins, Seattle Washington


"I firmly believe your sales will explode in the U.S.  Every outdoors enthusiast will want this product.  Every kid will want this product in their backyard.  Hunters will want this product.  Simply amazing!" Joshua Ellison



Had a bear walk under my Tentsile already...He passed me and broke into a car.
Lance Ziolkowski



"Already slept in it Friday night in our back yard. We love to camp and I always wanted to feel comfortable camping in a hammock, to be off the ground, but it just squished me up...This gets us up in the trees and is so comfortable. You guys did a great job.  Can't wait to see what else you come up with next."  Carolyn Goodrich



"...I ran a successful KickStarter campaign to fund an expedition to Ujung Kulon National park in Indonesia to photograph the incredibly rare Javan Rhino. The area is thick jungle so I needed a tent that I could rely on to provide both comfort and protection against mosquitoes and other unwanted visitors to my tent. There was also the possibility of having rhinos come through the campsite so I wasn't keen to be on the ground.

Having searched the internet I found Tentsile tents. They looked like the answer, so I used the Connect two person tent. The tent was amazing! I used it for 8 weeks and it performed faultlessly. At times I had heavy tropical rain and the fly provided a completely dry enclosure. What was really good was that the tent didn't get hot and stuffy as I have experienced in standard ground tents in these conditions. The tent allowed for fresh air to come in and I never felt hot and uncomfortable.
The rangers accompanying me were very impressed with the way the tent looked, like a flying saucer in the jungle! I also used the LuminAID solar light which I kept in the tent. Enough light came through the fly during the day to keep the light fully charged for the whole trip without having to take the light from the tent to recharge.
Oh yes I did have rhinos come through the campsite, three times, and I felt safe and secure in the suspended tent."
Stephen Belcher, Wildlife photographer



"I sent a friend out with the Connect yesterday. I said ‘Try it out.’ He decided to put it up in a public place…and he was an impromptu Tentsile sales guy for the day. He even hoisted a 30-year-old wheelchair bound woman into it! At the end of the day, after recounting all the stories of people young and old curious about the Tentsile and playing in it, he said "There is something about that thing. People are drawn to it.You. Guys. Rule." Kim McMullen



Well...after several days testing out our new Tentsile gear, we are in love. We have named her 'The Ravens Nest'. I see people on here complaining about the 'cost', but this is the best money I have ever spent on gear. I've never been on a camping trip where everyone wants to hang out in the tent and not by the much fun! I'll be ordering levels for 'The Ravens Nest' very soon!
Parrish Phillips



Spent a week in this tent during river guide school. Rained for the first two days. This is the most comfortable way I have ever slept in the outdoors.
Peter Brimhall



I purchased a Stingray in November of 2014 and just had a chance to use it last weekend on a 4 day campout. It worked perfectly through thunderstorm, sub-freezing temps and other more ideal weather. I remained dry and warm, when some of my other campmates did not in their traditional terrestrial tents. I made "Tentsile believers" out of my skeptical friends.         Jeff Fields



"Your products rock! Couldn't be happier!!! Thank you from Hawaii." Darren Edwards



 Media Reviews

"Officially my favourite product sold on Shopify."
Lynsey, Shopify Management Team



"It's not often I come across a piece of gear so unique that I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it. This certainly is an example. I've seen canopies on hammocks before. I've seen no-pole tents. Multi-person suspended tree platforms and suspended shelters, but never all at once and never so well thought out and realised. This has it all. It is the Tentsile and it is simply amazing."



"...not only appropriate for regular globe trotters, but also habitation for biological research groups who traverse through nature and need to travel light."
Design Boom



"A full review and great film made by our friends at in Denmark."
Chris Milbo,, Denmark



"This is quite easily the coolest tent that I’ve ever come across... Just be warned, you’ll instantly become the most popular person at the camp ground."



"The...elegant looking structure has an adjustable frame of...muscle bulging 2.5 ton webbing straps, and...a fully enclosed insect mesh roof (with opening doors) and removable rain you can really enjoy the stars." Gear We Are



"Every tent is constructed from tear resistant mesh, and come complete with heavy-duty industry grade buckles for maximum strength."
Hi Consumption



"… get the best of both worlds with Tentsile...the versatility that hammocks are known for, comfort, and the security of a tent."
Interesting Engineering



"...break down the very simple steps of erecting a three to four person Stingray Tentsile tree tent. This suspended tent is ideal for a small family of four like ours."
Merrell Blog



"I had the Stingray just on the lakeshore for four nights. It was really easy to set up and there were no difficulties with the freezing weather, around minus five degrees Celsius. The Stingray survived well with the strong wind that blew from the open, ice-covered lake.
The idea is to use powder snow as insulation under the Stingray. As you might know, snow is really good insulator. Beneath undisturbed snow there it seldom less than zero degrees, even though the temperature over the snow can be as low as minus forty. Under a normal tent, the powder snow will get flattened and the snow loses its ability to insulate.
I think that the Stingray works better with condensation than similar tents at ground level because you are over the snow and therefore there is more wind which transports moisture away."
Timo Kukko, Development Manager, Nature Centre Network, Finland



We’ve had cousin sleep-overs with six kids inside, all having a blast.
The Ultimate Hang



"The Tentsile Stingray is a tree tent in the same way that a Humvee is a car."



"We cannot speak highly enough of Tentsile as a 'top marks' innovation into the camping category by an organisation that clearly has the utmost integrity behind its foundation."
The Adventure Is Calling



"...a lust object for many lovers of the outdoors."



"The Crees Foundation has used regular tents for years in the Amazon rainforest, our introduction to the Tensile Stingray has been a game changer. In harsh climates where getting up into the canopy, off the ground away from the humidity and critters is key in terms of safety and comfort, you just can't beat these tents! Also, when there is no bad weather and you get to sit suspended in the air in the rainforest canopy with a 360 degree view, there is no better feeling.
We love these tents and are so grateful that Tensile let us test one out.  We look forward to setting up our own little tent community in the forest shortly.  Personally I'm looking forward to spending the night overlooking our large mammal clay lick with our research team to see how the big Brazilian tapirs behave at night!"
Quinn Meyer, Founder, Crees Foundation



"Wow! I Love it!"
The Gadget Show UK



"...the design could also prove the basis for a new type of day creating a community of tensile structures where portable villages could be mounted and disassembled in a day, leaving little impact on the forest floor."
Fair Companies



"Behold, the future of camping...I like that this greatly reduces the ground impact of a camping trip..."
Mother Nature Network



"The chipmunks might think UFOs have arrived. A new generation of campers who are tired of finding their sleeping bags laying on sharp rocks has taken to tents that, instead of being staked to the forest floor, hover over it, suspended from trees....Tree tents are a key ingredient in ‘glamping’ - glamorous camping. Think of it as roughing it, minus the roughness. Glamping is for those looking for more comfort (no fear of creepy-crawlies, at least not the kind likely to invade a ground tent) while sleeping out under the stars."
New York Times



"...Tentsile’s Vista has a view that will make you never want to grow up."



"Employing three tree straps, two poles, and a polyester fly sheet, Stingray allows...campers to sleep suspended in the air..."



" not only get a three-season, spacious tent, but also a portable tree fort you can take with you everywhere."



"Tentsile suspended camping tent revolutionized the common tent design..."
Hi Consumption



"Great invention."
National Geographic Kids



"It's awesome, trust me."



"...solves the problem of setting up camp on rocky, muddy, or otherwise unpleasant surfaces by hanging from the trees. In addition to avoiding unpleasant conditions, the treehouse tent also avoids ground-based bugs, snakes, and other larger and more dangerous creatures."
Bored Panda



"Simply locate any three anchor points and install the tent above ground where you’re immediately clear of threats..."
This is Colossal



"… take camping to a whole new level..."
The Mind Unleashed



"When flicking through the book 'The Outsiders: New Outdoor Creativity' we came across a...genius portable treehouse in the form of the Tentsile Tree Tent."



" can indulge in a truly outdoor experience..."



"Olvídate de sudar y de desesperarte mientras montas la tienda, de la humedad del suelo, de que se te claven piedrecitas al dormir y, muy importante, de los bichos."
Huffington Post Spain



"It can be pitched just about anywhere that there are multiple trees or posts...It provides a breezy, relaxing view of the nature around it, and it keeps its occupants a safe distance from the ground. In my opinion, this is one of the most remarkable tents to come out in recent years, and it could pave way for more floating tents of tomorrow."
The Cool List



"The next big thing."
GQ magazine



"I'm currently in the process of interviewing 100 Entrepreneurs from all around the world. I have stories from India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Egypt and the US but I'm yet to find a business product as interesting as yours."
Daniel Philben, Journalist/writer



"The most comprehensive news article about Tentsile."
The Fast Company



"Apart from the fact that it is a whole new experience it will save the trees as well."
Into Connection