Each Tentsile Tree Tent, Hammock or Accessory is hand cut, hand sewn and then “de-threaded,” calibrated, rolled and packed by our expert team in our purpose-built manufacturing facility in Ningbo, China.

Tentsile Factory exterior

The stereotypical factory is dark, dirty and generally, not a great place to be. Not the Tentsile factory! We've built a clean and safe facility for our team; both the factory and offices are bright and airy and all-round pleasant place to work.

Tentsile factory floor

The team are skilled and we're determined that they be rewarded fairly for their hard work. To this end, the team earn 2-3 times what they might make working in other factories.

Our team is incredibly important to us and so we ensure we do our best to make their lives as easy and stress-free as possible.

Tentsile production close up

In addition to their salaries, we pay for their rent, electricity, water and even food. The team over in Ningbo have a free onsite canteen with a skilled, full-time chef preparing breakfast, lunch and supper.

We greatly value their wonderful contribution to the company and so each year we take the whole team on holiday to get a well-deserved rest. The workers are all fiercely proud of their country and love the opportunity to visit parts of it that they've never seen before.

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