UNA 1-Person Hammock Tent (3.0)

$ 299.00 USD

The UNA is Tentsile's 1-Person super compact solo Tree Tent & Bivvy, perfect for on-the-go, off the beaten path adventures and brimming with practical features. Camp where no one has ever camped before and add a Quilt at 40% off. 

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Product Overview

Tentsile's lightweight 1-person Tree Tent bivvy, offers a completely "flat-lay", double fabric layer floor for insulation, and underfloor storage nets for all your gear! Bursting with practical and fun features for such a small product. As voted for by BackPacker Mag 2023. Includes all straps and fittings. The built-in no-see-um insect mesh and removable rainfly, packs up the size of a kitchen roll and is ideal for solo hiking, backpacking and bike-packing adventures! 

The ultra-light nature of this hammock tent offers you a whole new level of versatility, comfort and connection with the outdoors.  It is perfect for hikers and bike packers (the bag can be clipped to the bike without any extra straps or equipment). You carry less weight, walk further, camp anywhere and get the most comfortable night’s sleep possible in the outdoors. Backcountry campers can strip away non-essential components to achieve a working trail weight of only 5.1lbs / 2.3kg.

The unique design of the UNA 1-person tent allows you to camp like never before amongst the trees. Sleeping clear above the ground means you are no longer restricted to camping on areas of flat ground but can now camp in places no one has ever camped before!

The UNA is designed for anyone looking for adventure. We have taken the best aspects of our larger tents and squeezed them into a 1-person ultra-lightweight hammock tent, using reduced sized ratchets, straps and a single-pole construction. This model is not suitable for anyone over 6'2" / 192cm in height.

This tent features a large hammock bed with mesh pockets on each side, a full no-see-um insect mesh top, a fold-away door and a fully removable rainfly for unbeatable views. No more lumpy, bumpy ground beneath you and increased separation from critters and creepy crawlies!

The UNA is a perfect option for would-be hammock campers who find that hammocks are either too constricting in width, too harsh on their backs and front/side sleepers who struggle to get comfy in the traditional hammock position. The double layered tensioned floor also provides a place to slip an air mattress so you can stay toasty and warm in any season.

The rainfly can be pegged out to the ground or attached to branches to create a large 3sqm / 30sqft covered porch area under the tent so you can store more gear and have a dry living space.

Please note:

  • Only use the product after reading and in accordance with the product manual to avoid damage to the tent and/or user.
  • For safety reasons, tie a knot behind the WebLock after it is put under desired tension and before you get into the tent!
  • It is recommended to retighten the WebLock (and then retie the knot behind the WebLock) before each use (climbing into the tent/ hammock) to ensure full tension, otherwise slippage may occur which could result in the product/tent losing tension and falling that may result in damage to the product and risk of injury.
  • Recommended setup height is 1.2m / 4ft.
  • Minimum tree diameter 20cm/8”.
  • Due to continuous design improvements, details may vary slightly from those stated here. Specifically on the UNA, we have updated the corner fixing to be our lightweight blue carabiners. The D-rings are now sewn onto the black straps to create a much better slip-buckle around the tree.
  • Our Tree Tents and Hammocks are not intended to be permanent structures. Each of our products has a UV rating which advises on average how many hours the product can be left out exposed to sunlight. This can vary depending on climate and altitude. If left out in the sun for prolonged periods of time UV degradation will occur, affecting both the colour and strength of your product. Our best practice advice is to pack away your tree tent or hammock after each use, ensuring it is both clean and dry.
  • Please remember, every day your hammock is left up unused, is a day of use lost.
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Our products are meticulously designed and made to tough it out and provide shelter in some of the world's harshest environments. We are totally proud of the quality and durability of our range and have a guarantee to back it up!

All our Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks come with a 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty for our Ocean, Lightweight, LITE & Classic Ranges, and a 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty for our Safari Range.

If your tent or hammock arrives defective we will repair your product or if necessary, issue a replacement (terms and conditions apply).

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