Embedding Nature into Business

Protecting the environment has always been a core focus for us here at Tentsile. The inspiration for our products actually goes back all the way to our Founder’s childhood, when he watched a documentary about the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. At that moment he knew immediately that one way or another, he would forge a career which would allow him to take a stand against deforestation, and from this seed grew the idea of his ground breaking invention – the Tree Tent. After all – if we’re all hanging out in the trees, they can’t be chopped down…

Since we started out 10 years ago, we pledged to plant 20 trees for each Tree Tent and Hammock sold. With close to a million trees now planted, we’ve had a tangible impact on the habitats and local communities in which we’ve funded planting projects. We’ve always maintained that bold ambitions can best be achieved through collaborative action with likeminded businesses and individuals, and believe passionately that if we all come together, we CAN tackle the climate crisis that is unfolding around us.

We know also that offsetting carbon through tree planting is simply not enough, and we recognize the urgency and importance of taking further decisive action to restore nature. As a business we have a responsibility to ensure that every service provider we work with shares our ethics, and works towards minimising impact at every stage of our operations. From working with shipping providers who use Biofuel instead of fossil fuels, to partnering with EOCA and 1% For The Planet to reinvest profits back into sustainable initiatives, we have established a robust network of organisations with whom we are proud to work. 

As a team, we also commit to practicing what we preach – we voluntarily closed all of our offices in favour of working remotely to minimise commuting, and car share or take public transport on occasions when we do need to meet in person. We no longer print manuals, and all of our packaging is made from recycled card, using non-toxic inks. We have no single use plastics in Tentsile products, and have a Trade-in and Upcycling program in place to divert old gear from landfill. These are just a few examples of how we embed nature into our business. 

What is The Restorative Coalition?

Back in April 2023, we began working with veritree so that we could better verify, monitor and protect the trees we have planted in partnership with them. So, when veritree invited us to become a founding member of their newly launched Restorative Coalition, we couldn’t wait to get started!

The Restorative Coalition is community of businesses committed to integrating nature restoration into their operations. Through this collaboration, we aim to use collective knowledge, resources, and expertise to drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future.

As a member of the coalition, Tentsile will continue to actively embed nature restoration into our business model. We have set ambitious goals to make a measurable impact, aligning with the coalition's vision and objectives. By joining forces with like-minded businesses, we are creating a network of sustainability leaders and fostering collaboration to maximize our collective impact.

The Power of Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based solutions offer a holistic and sustainable approach to restoring and protecting our environment. These solutions harness the inherent power of nature to address various environmental challenges. From reforestation and habitat restoration to sustainable agriculture and coastal protection, nature-based solutions offer numerous benefits. They provide cost-effective and long-term solutions to combat climate change, enhance biodiversity, improve water quality, and strengthen natural resilience. Investing in these solutions not only safeguards our ecosystems but also creates economic opportunities and supports local communities. 

Taking a Stand for a Sustainable Future

The time to act is now. Every business has a crucial role to play in addressing the environmental crisis we face. By integrating nature restoration into our operations, we are demonstrating our unwavering commitment to a sustainable future for all. At Tentsile we are wholeheartedly dedicated to taking a stand and driving positive change. Our partnership with veritree's Restorative Coalition empowers us to go beyond individual efforts and collaborate with other businesses to achieve collective goals.

By leveraging the strength of this coalition, we can amplify our impact, accelerate restoration efforts, and inspire others to join the movement. Restoring nature is not just an aspiration; it is a necessity. The challenges we face in nature demand immediate action, increased investments, and collaboration across sectors. By acknowledging the funding gap, embracing nature-based solutions, and partnering with initiatives like this Restorative Coalition, we can pave the way for a healthier, more sustainable World. Let us rise to the occasion, make a lasting impact, and ensure that the beauty and abundance of nature thrive for generations to come.

Kirstie Grego
Tagged: Sustainability