Tentsile was born from the passion of its founder for connecting people back with nature, in the hope that this might inspire our customers to help us protect the environment. Now in our 10th year, and still being run by the founder, his brothers, a brother and sister-in-law and two other dedicated staff members ( now also considered part of the family ), we continue to create, manufacture and deliver the highest quality Tree tents and Giant Hammocks on the market.

With the founder being an architect, the engineering component of Tentsile’s products remains one of its defining features. Coupled with our high-grade material selection, the products are not only strong and stable, but extremely durable and comfortable, not to mention practical and simple to set up and take down. Built to suspend multiple people in cloud-like comfort together in the trees, safety is of paramount importance, and we do not skimp when it comes to the top-notch production value we bring to the market. Each and every component included in the bag has been rigorously tested, from the anti-roll straps to the ratchets and hardware. Futher still – we continually refine our products based on customer feedback, so that our offering is consistently improving over time. 

So well designed are our products in fact, that they have received critical acclaim from some of the most reputable reviewers in the world – with gear editors, testers and reviewers from the likes of Outside Magazine, Backpacker, Men’s Journal, Gear Junkie and countless others putting our Tree Tents through their paces. Each time we’ve had stellar reviews, and thousands more from our customers to back them up – testifying to the incredible build quality, durability, and strength of our range.

 Our success however, has drawn attention of the sharks out there who have started to flood the market with a kaleidoscope of copy-cat and counterfeit products. These are pretty easy to spot, as they often offer prices that seem too good to be true… and they are. We have been inundated with emails from upset customers who have bought from these unreputable sources, after they received product that was either miniature ( 3ft Giant Hammocks?!) or unfit for purpose. Some of these products are being sold for as low as $15 USD, and this should be an immediate warning sign.

In some cases, these companies use Tentsile’s own photography and imagery to sell their poor quality, unsafe hammocks, so it can be a challenge to spot the knock-offs, but the price point is a glaring warning sign. A product built well enough to hold 3-6 people suspended in the air, cannot be made and sold at some of the prices you may have seen online. If it feels too good to be true, it usually is. The risk of falling from height and sustaining injury simply isn’t worth the cheap price tag – don’t undervalue your safety! As well as that, think about how that counterfeit product has been made – cheap materials, poor labour conditions and pay for factory workers, and substandard product that will end up in landfill after it inevitably fails the first time you take it out on the trail. We tested this theory by the way… watch what happened when we bought a fake Trillium hammock and took it out in the Peak District to do a side by side comparison with a genuine Tentsile hammock – this video says it all! For more information on identifying counterfeit vs genuine Tentsile Gear, you can also read this blog where we first covered the rising trade in knock-off Tree Tents and Hmmocks. 

So, when considering your Tentsile purchase, if you are seeing deals that seem too good to be true and are unsure of the source, feel free to get in touch and ask us – we really don’t mind! Though we’re a tiny team, we’d rather see to it that each and every one of you is safe in the Trees. Send us a link to the product you are considering and we will let you know if it is genuine, safe, tested and comes from a reliable source. Tentsile remains the leading designer and manufacturer of Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks. If in doubt ask us directly, we are always here to help. support@tentsile.com.


Kirstie Grego