Over the course of the past couple of years, there has been an increase in reports and complaints about products that do not belong to Tentsile. There are online sellers that are imitating our products and even advertising using our name and/or images. Their price points are attractive, leading some customers to go ahead and purchase these counterfeits and ending up disappointed in the build quality.

Our products are premium as the development of Tentsile Tree Tents and hammocks ensure the safety of customers who use them, as they are made of the highest quality fabrics and include the correct equipment.

Tentsile products arrive at your doorstep in a neat cardboard box. At the opening of the box there is a strip of cardboard to protect the product from an accident if a sharp object is used to open the box itself. The Tentsile Tree Tent or hammock is contained in its own carry bag, complete with a manual as well as all of the necessary equipment. Cheap products sold by online sellers will cut costs wherever possible, including packaging. Your product will arrive wrapped in bag, held together with standard packaging tape.

Safe, durable, and effective tensioning devices will be a part of every Tree Tent or giant hammock (ratchets and/or web locks) - unlike the carabiners that arrive with many counterfeits, partnered with low quality straps. These carabiners and straps are supposed to support your weight, or a group of peoples' weight, for a stretched duration of time. In the development of our Tree Tents and hammocks, extensive thought has gone into the load-bearing capabilities of the straps and tensioning devices to support more than the advertised amount of people to ensure maximum safety and support for the intended uses. And the straps are such a length to provide the versatility that we show in images and videos, letting customers camp in places they could never camp in a traditional tent.

The fabric of our Tree Tents and hammocks are made of several types of ripstop nylon - depending on the variant purchased: 2 layer 20D & 70D nylon, 240D nylon-polyester, 400D nylon polyester, and 600D Dacron. Tentsile Tree Tents and hammocks are made to last, against weather and potential physical damage. Products sold by sellers online that flaunt their cheap price, will cheap out on fabric. The fabric that is meant to keep you comfortable and most importantly, safe. The life of these cheap knockoffs will be incredibly short, much shorter than a Tentsile.

In addition to all these points, when laid flat out, the size difference is absolutely noticicable. Our Trillium 3 person hammock is such a size that it can actually fit three people on it, the non-Tentsile product we bought, that is advertised as a three person, could hardly fit just one.

The prices of our products are reflected in the build quality and lifespan, the packaging and the equipment, and the communication and service of Tentsile. To ensure you are buying a real Tentsile product, only purchase from our website http://www.tentsile.com.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding counterfeit products

How do I know that I’m buying a genuine Tentsile?

If the price seems too good to be true – it probably is! You can ensure you’re buying a genuine Tentsile product by shopping exclusively on www.tentsile.com or looking on our dealer locator app for our partners with bricks and mortar stores.

How do I report a counterfeit product, website or advert?

It’s simple to report a counterfeit. You can email us at support@tentsile.com and use the subject line Counterfeit. You can then tell us:

  • Where you saw the counterfeit (social media advert, or direct website)
  • Provide a link to the website / social media page (if available)
  • Provide a screenshot (perhaps if the advert was temporarily on you social feed)

I’ve bought a counterfeit Tentsile without knowing, what do I do now?

Although we’re unable to replace or refund any counterfeit purchases through other retailers, we strongly suggest you contact the original seller for a full refund. You can also view our full range to find a genuine Tentsile to suit your needs.

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Jack Thomson