Giving Tuesday is a "global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world". We try to honour that movement throughout our existence, as Tentsile was created with a mission to inspire a love of trees into our audience and customers. We proudly participate in a number of initiatives to protect and conserve the planet in any way that we can, here's what we have done, and continue to do, thanks to your help.

Tree Planting

Since the beginning of this campaign, we (Tentsile and you!) have managed to plant 852,000 trees in projects located across Madagascar, India, Zambia and Oregon. We work with WeForest, who are supporting 75 traditionally forest-dependent villages in the east and north of the Khasi Hills in India to restore their forests by establishing natural fire lines to protect the forest and restoring endangered flora. They are also working to resurrect their local forests by assisting farmers in Luanshya to be financially independent in return for protecting the Miombo woodlands, and adopting sustainable farming methods such as bee-keeping, egg-rearing and vegetable-growing. Not only are we planting trees to restore the planets health, but we are also helping communities maintain their way of life. In the Kijabe Forest in Mozambique, Eden Projects is replanting and protecting forest systems, and the conservationists who are surveying, planting and patrolling the area sleep amongst the trees in Tentsile Tree Tents! Eden Projects work to restore the devastated mangrove estuaries and build local economies in impoverished communities. Every tree tent we sell, we plant 10 trees, without your support we would not be able to achieve such great outcomes!

Carbon Neutrality

We try to ensure we minimise as much of our carbon footprint as possible by negating any emissions we may produce whenever possible. We choose to ship our products from our own purpose-built factory via Sea Freight, as it is 100x less polluting that Air freight. Our whole team works from home, removing the travel to-and-from work which drastically cuts down the cumulative growth of each of our individual carbon footprints. Whenever we travel as a team, we calculate the carbon footprint made by the journey and calculate a suitable number of trees to be planted in order to negate that footprint - therefore remaining carbon neutral.


We are proud partners of 1% For The Planet and the European Outdoors Conservation Association. We donate 1% of our profits to this amazing organisation who put that money into solutions to our planets environmental issues. We recommend you take a look at that link to see the sheer amount that 1% do for our planet! The EOCA provide funding to environmental organisations around the world in an effort to protect wildlife and the natural environment. Every year they hole 2 public votes, one in March and another ion October, where the public can vote on who they feel should receive funding. They are very transparent in what they do and provide a lot of information on their website of their ongoing projects and key funded organisations.

Tentsile's Green Future

There are many endeavours we wish to go on in the coming years, there is never a finish line when it comes to protecting our planet. Our factories are in the process of removing single-use plastics from production of our materials, it's a long process, but we will eventually get there - so watch this space! We will continue to plant trees, and in some cases (like Green Friday) we will plant even more for every tent purchased. We will continue to work with like-minded brands who share our passion for carbon neutrality, and assist organisations who's primary goal is to conserve and protect our natural wildlife and forests, which in turn would develop communities around the world. We want the people on the frontlines who are defending our trees to be in our tree tents and pushing back against deforestation and destruction of natural habitats - "if we're all hanging out in the trees, they can't chop them down". Together we can achieve a lot for our planet and it's beautiful people, and we will never cease to do our part. Thank you for all your support in our campaigns, and we hope you are happy in the knowledge that your purchase goes a long way!

Jack Thomson