Climate change is upon us, and as 97% of active climate scientists agree, it’s a man-made issue. Although it may seem daunting, we can all do our small part to make a difference and reverse the effects of climate change. This might include changes to our daily routines, the products we buy or simply making others aware of how they can help too.

Check out our top 5 tips that you can implement to make a change today.

1 - Go Green with Transport

Switching to an electric or hybrid vehicle can be a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint. You can also cycle where possible which has numerous health benefits. For work related commutes and journeys, opt for digital meetings wherever possible to cut down on unnecessary travel.

2 – Clean up Your Energy Usage

Research your local energy market to find the best green-supplier. Companies such as Siemens and Vestas are investing in renewable energy sources like solar and wind. If you have the budget, you can event invest in a home solar set up. You’ll provide your home with renewable energy, and you can usually sell any surplus back to the grid!

3 – Eat Green

Growing your own food is a fun and friendly way to help reduce climate change. Not only is it a great project for the family, home-grown vegetables are also tasty and nutritious. You can even recycle your food waste to create compost, a great natural fertiliser.

4 – Support Eco-friendly Brands

Switching to an eco-friendly brand is a great way to support the environment. These brands often incorporate recycled materials into their products, reduce their use of single use plastics, and have a low-carbon emission or carbon neutral manufacturing process. Cleaning brand Seep and Detergent brand Smol are great examples.

5 – Spread the word

Educate your friends! A friendly conversation about the changes you’re making is a great way to peak the interest of others and get them involved.

Bonus tip - Practice the 3 Rs

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to lower the need for more raw materials from for example Trees and other natural resources.

About Tentsile
To show our commitment to the environment, we make a donation to plant 20 trees with our partners for every Tree Tent and Hammock we sell. So far, we have helped plant over 844,000 trees in projects located across Madagascar, India, Zambia and Oregon. Learn more about our tree planting initiative.

Thomas Leech